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There are many different audio converter tools either free or paid can help you cut mp3 files. You can actually cut MP3 for free with iTunes on Windows and Mac. Share mp3 files.

Cut MP3 for Free with iTunes

Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac. Browse to the mp3 files you like to cut into short pieces. Drag the MP3 audio from computer to iTunes music library. See below screenshot.

Drag the MP3 files to anywhere in iTunes, the software will automatically put it into the Music library.

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Right click on the added MP3 source file, choose Get Info option from the drop down menu list. You will get a new iTunes pop-up dialogue. Click the Options tab. You can manually input the start time and stop time for the output music. In this case, we set the target music duration from 0:05 to 0:35, 30 seconds in total. If you do not know where to start and where to end, play the MP3 in iTunes first, it can help you determine the beginning and ending points for the target output file.

Right click on the same MP3 source file again. Then choose Create AAC version item from the jump downl menu list. The source MP3 music will then be converted into AAC version music with the duration we have set above. Now you have cut the MP3 files sucessfully.

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The last step is to play or share the output music file. You can simply drag it from iTunes to your computer desktop. After that you can play the trimmed MP3 audio with other music players. Note that the audio format has changed from a.mp3 to.m4a audio format after the audio encoding.

You can also turn this converted mp3 file into iPhone ringtone if like. See this guide for more: Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtones.

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