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► You’re free to use this music in any of your YouTube videos, but you must include the following information and artist credits in your videos description box (Copy & Paste) the below "Music Credit" paragraph and *edit the "Track Name" section to include the name of the track that you are using within your content. Pm3 music download.

This is Jazzy Lofi Hip-Hop Chill Jazz Hop Music - This chill lofi hip hop (Royalty Free) jazz hop music is a free instrumental music to use as background music for YouTube videos and vlogs. You can download this relaxing jazzy lo-fi hip hop chillhop music to relax or to use as chill out/study music. Download this free non-copyrighted music by "Dj Quads" in mp3 format as well as many other songs from our FREE YouTube music library of free music for content creators. NCM (No Copyright Music) 2018 -

This free background music is safe for content creators to use in their YouTube videos, without the worry of a copyright strike or content id claim. This music has been publicly released by the artist "Dj Quads" under a "Public Attribution Agreement." You are free to use this song for anything you wish however, you MUST credit the artist! (Details about "How to correctly credit the artist are provided above.) This music is by the individual artist, and producer "Dj Quads." The download link for each track is provided next to each song. Simply click the link to download the FREE MP3.

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• (C) Copyright Notice: This is FREE non-copyrighted (royalty free music) that has been publicly released by the artist "Dj Quads" for use by content creators within their YouTube videos. Proof of "permission for commercial use" can be found on the official Dj Quads SoundCloud page (Linked Above) o

- Disclaimer: Some of the music featured on this website has been modified and adapted in a transformative manner. The original tracks have been remixed/edited.


No Copyright Music is a YouTube channel dedicated to releasing daily uploads to help creators enhance the creativity and popularity of their content. You can download the all of the songs featured on our channel for free, simply read the YouTube music video description to download the free music mp3. We hope you enjoy our FREE YouTube music library of royalty free music, copyright free music, no copyright music, non copyrighted music, and creative commons music for content creators to use in their YouTube videos. If your new to the channel, you can SUBSCRIBE to the NCM YouTube channel HERE:

Lofi Hip Hop No Copyright Music - Chill Lo-Fi hip-hop jazzhop music FREE instrumental to use as background music for youtube videos and vlogs: Royalty Free) Chill Jazz Hip Hop Music by DJ Quads

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