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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Theme Song HD Video, MP3 Song Free Download: The biggest festival of cricket is about to start in a month’s time. The ODI cricket world cup is going to start from the 31 Mp3free download songs.

of May this year and it is not going to any less of a carnival for all the cricket fans all over the world. This tournament which is played once every four years and this is the twelfth edition of the game.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Theme Song HD Video

Ten teams are coming face to face in this tournament to win that esteemed trophy. Most of the teams have been selected and they are all gearing up for the big tournament. The official broadcaster of the tournament in India is Star Sports network.

What is one thing that is common for such big world famous tournament in recent years? A great promo song. The biggest tournament of the sport would definitely need a great promo song and the official theme song of the ICC ODI cricket world cup didn’t disappoint in this department at all.

The official theme song of this world cup is known as “Har Koi Dekhega” which translates to “Everybody will watch” very rightly projects the craze Indians have for this sport. The theme song showcases diverse age groups, cultures and social classes getting ready to witness what is only going to the biggest sporting tournament of the year.

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The cricket craziness of India is very well captured in the video released by Star sports. The official theme song has found the nerve of the country and its craziness for this sport. The promo song depicts the culture of India built around this sport. You can senior citizens, young lads, women, teen girls as well as royals gearing to witness the sporting extravaganza i.e. ICC world cup 2019.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Theme MP3 Song Free Download

Not only the ICC Cricket World Cup HD Video but the ICC World cup 2019 MP3 free audio download songs and lyrics of the song also rightly depict the feelings and enthusiasm of the fans for the upcoming cricket world cup. The last few lines of the song are impeccable. The last lines of the song read:

“Ek nahin, yahan aath aath hain.

Kyun ki yeh hai Champions ka World Cup”.

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The video also very well captures the fan frenzy that Virat Kohli enjoys in this country, It shows school girls with Virat’s name tattooed on their hands. When the people in the video sing “Har koyi dekhega” We know for a fact that everyone at least in this country is going to be glued to their TV sets during the 2019 cricket world cup that is going to take place from 31

July of this year. No other sport enjoys the kind of fan base that cricket does and it only peeks to an all-time high during world cups. This promo song will get us all going for the most important tournament of the sport. Let’s wait and watch if the promo will pave way for the great tournament.

The official theme song of the ICC world cup which is going to start from the May 31

2019 is out now. Star Sports which is the official broadcaster of the cricket world cup 2019 live streaming has released the promo song for the tournament.

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