Pm3 download. Free Legal Music Downloads from the Top Free Mp3 Music Download Site

What if you could:

Access totally free legal music downloads from the largest free mp3 music download store online? Ww free mp3 download.

Download free mp3 music in almost any music genre and world language?

Type the name of your favorite artist or track and get your music in seconds?

Through our free, legal music downloads center that’s exactly what you can start doing.

Did you know there’s only ONE free legal music downloads store that includes all of the following?

All our music tracks are totally free

You can legally download all of them to your computer

No pop-ups with advertisements

All these tracks are in the highest audio quality, i.e., 320 kbps

Mp3 music sites

No malicious spyware or freeware

Fastest music downloads directly from our music servers

No ongoing monthly or per track fees at all

How Is This Possible?

While you can’t use them for any commercial purpose, using them for your personal use and enjoyment doesn’t violate the fair use provisions of United States copyright laws.

You can either listen through our free online music player, or install our state of the art free music downloads program and get unlimited number of free mp3 music downloads.

Download Free MP3 Music With Our Online Download Player:

Go ahead and give our player a try below! You can download free online music, which includes hundreds of tracks from our music store. Tracks coming under a particular music genre are listed in their respective music genre pages.

Why mp3 free download

You’re listening to some of the randomly selected tracks from our online music store. You may either listen to these tracks from here or visit one of our music genre pages for a specific genre of music. Hundreds of tracks are listed in each of these pages.

How To Access More with Audials Music Download Software:

We know you’ll enjoy downloading the free tracks from our download player above.  With Audials you can gain access to Today’s popular videos, music and movies as well as all the best music television options, podcasts and Internet radios.

Compare Audials with Other Popular Music Download Stores:

You'll get  10 million tracks directly from our online music store. Plus, our software can extract around 12 billion free tracks from other  online music video sources like YouTube.  This is more than the total number of downloads available in the next 5 major online mp3 music download sites COMBINED.  O ur   Audials mp3 downloads software   is the best because you'll get an unlimited number of totally free legal music downloads for life.

Look at the table below… it’s a handy tool for comparing the most popular online music stores. The total number of tracks and the audio quality of these tracks are the main features that make us the #1 choice for music lovers.

Can I Truly Gain Access to Totally Free Music Downloads?

Our music download program is the best because you'll get totally free mp3 music downloads for life. Other music download sites charge you around $1 per song or you have to pay for their monthly subscription plan. With our program, you can download the tracks to your computer and mobile phone without paying any extra charges or fees. Also, you can burn them to CDs for free.

How Is This Different From Other Free Legal Music Downloads Sites?

There are many other music stores offering free music downloads, but generally they won't allow you to download multiple tracks simultaneously. They block this feature fearing the bandwidth requirements for multiple file downloads at the same time by many users. We don't have any restriction on the number of tracks you can download at a time as we use our built-in "Download Accelerator" program to make your downloads the fastest.

How to download music for free

Is it Legal to Download Free Music Online?

Yes, Audials offers completely free legal music downloads. We use time shifting technology to download the tracks and the software is compliant with the fair use provisions of the United States' copyright laws. Time shifting technology allows you to instantly play the tracks online or save them to your computers to listen to them later. You're not violating any copyright law while downloading free music using this software.

Is the Musical and Audio Quality Top-Notch?

The sound quality of our tracks is the best in the industry. All our tracks are hosted with 320 kbps (kilo bits per second) audio quality. Our Audials software can legally extract audio tracks from any online video store and download them to your computer for free. With this software, you’ll have the same sound quality you get from a music CD. You'll get the highest audio quality (i.e., 320 kbps) downloads as we're recording only HD quality files. The quality of our sound tracks and the total number of songs are the main features making us different from other free music downloads programs.

How Can I Download the Software?

You can download the software right now from our music download center and get unlimited access to 10 million free legal music downloads. You'll get free 24x7 technical support and lifetime updates by downloading the software.

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