Where to download mp3 music. Free Music Download Apps for Android: Download MP3s, KFire

Turn your Android phone into a music machine with these ten cool free music download apps for Android. Aside from having the best features and the best content, these music apps are free so you can’t beat that! Check these apps now at Google Play Store. Free music download sites.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

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SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is deemed as one of the best free apps for downloading music for Android simply because it works even for Android devices with old versions like Gingerbread. To download music, simply type in the name of the artist, the name of the song or the album and voila! Some songs may have similar titles and versions, this app lets you preview the song first by listening to it before you download. SuperCloud is at the top of our list of free music download apps for Android for a good reason: it’s easy to use, stable, and works on all Androids.

4Shared is also easy to use; just click the search button at the bottom right hand corner of the app and then find the song using the name of the artist or album. You can also use 4Shared to stream music online if you do not want to download and best of all its free to use and download anytime. Here’s the 4Shared homepage.

iTube is a music streaming and downloading app. same as other apps, you can search for the song, artist or album but their MP3 music selections is huge. iTube is also ideal even for phones with Android OS version 4.1. No need to have the latest Android OS or phone to download or listen to your favorite songs when you got iTube Music.

Pink floyd mp3 free download

Wynk is a popular music downloading app especially for Hindi songs. This app has more than 10 million downloads with a very good rating from users. However, Wynk is not completely free. The first month is free but you can opt out anytime if you wish to end your subscription. Wynk makes its way into our roundup of the best free music download apps for Android because of its download-direct-to-phone feature. Also great news for Airtel subscribers, they can enjoy listening and downloading music for free via Wynk for 6 months.

MP3 Music Download is not your usual Android music downloading app because it can download multiple files at once. it has great UI and features that will also make you want to listen and use it every day. To find a song, simply search using the name of the artist or the album. Downloading music also takes one click and the song is saved on your phone.

Google Play Music has one of the largest music databases of more than 50,000 songs. And aside from songs, you can also download podcasts from this app. exciting features like song recommendations, subscriptions and more make it one of the best Android apps for downloading and streaming music.

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As most music apps, all you need is to enter the name of the song, artist or album to find the file that you want to download in Tunee. This is not available anymore from Google Play Store but you can download Tunee from third party sites.

Best free music download sites

Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro

Uses its own search engine to help you search for songs. You can find songs from movies, TV shows and theaters just by using this technique. Skull MP3 allows you to listen offline, download music, set the music file as your ring tone and more.

SoundCloud is a free Android music downloading app that lets you find, download or play music easily. There are ads when you use SoundCloud but just by paying a small fee, you can enjoy ad-less music listening and downloading. The official Soundcloud website is https://soundcloud.com.

Just by the name, Music Download Elite has quite a number of good music selections. All you need to do is to search for it and listen or download it for offline enjoyment. You will not be interrupted by a lot of ads here but it is still currently in its experimental stage.

While Pandora and Spotify provide great streaming Internet radio, some of us still prefer the “Limewire” or “Napster”-feel that great free music download apps for Android can give us. What are your favorite MP3 download apps for Android OS?

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