Free download songs. 10 Best Websites to Download Music for Free

Music is a therapy to soul—indeed! Whether we are in a joyous mood or singing our Monday morning blues, music always helps to rejuvenate our soul. And Internet becomes our helping hand to keep pace with latest music tracks and in the same way online streaming sites take our experience to a whole new level. Free music download websites.

But what if you’re stuck in a bad network area? Or what happens if you plan to throw on a party and the WiFi connection keeps on dropping. Situations like these don’t make us rely 100% on online streaming websites. So to save us from his hassle we always prefer to download our favorite music tracks on our PC or external drive of our Smartphone, so that no matter where we are, what situations prevail, our music stays safe and sound.

When it comes to downloading songs online you’ll find a plethora of options online, but how to decide which one is best or fake? Don’t worry! We have lessened down your burden and listed the 10 best music downloading websites for you! Let’s check each one of em in detail.

10 Best Music Downloading Websites

1. Free Music Archive (FMA)

From Jazz to Electronic to soulful country tracks. You’ll find it all under this roof! Launched back in 2009 FMA is a New Jersey based WFMU Radio where you can access all contemporary music genres. Even if you browse for months, their mind boggling music library will not fail to surprise you. FMA even gives users a chance to upload their own collection online directly to their archives. Surely worth checking out, right?


If you need music for commercial purpose then Jamendo is what you’re looking for! You can find a bunch of related musical compositions as it allows users to share their music for free. So if you’re looking for a great piece of music work from renowned artists and don’t want to waste up your time on YouTube then try your luck with Jamendo.

3. FreeMake YouTube Convertor

Yup, just how the name says Freemake converts any YouTube track into easily downloadable mp3 format file in just a moment’s time. It doesn’t require any signups or additional fee, Freemake is one reliable free music downloading website. Let’s see how it works:

My free mp3 songs

Look for any piece of music which you like on YouTube

Now paste this link in the FreeMake search bar and hit enter.

Now select the “Down arrow” to download the track.

Isn’t it simple? Just like we said earlier!

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best music downloading websites available online. It has a massive library containing millions of musical compositions from remixes, EDM tracks, Karaoke or even teasers of upcoming songs. But to be frank when it comes to downloading songs then not every single track available online is downloadable. To find the ones which are, you’ll find a small download option below the track. As soon as you tap on that the song will be automatically downloaded on your PC.

Mp3 mp3

5. Last.FM

comes with a simple yet elegant interface making it super easy to search your favorite songs and download them in a jiffy. All you have to do is click on the small blue colored button “Free Download” that appears next to the track. Once you tap on it the song will automatically be downloaded on your PC. It even gives you a chance to listen to the track before downloading so that you can be sure about the sound quality, duration and other factors.

6. Vimeo

Sounds weird, isn’t that right? But yes, indeed, separated of recordings, Vimeo has a music library as well. Also, it’s very great! Sadly, you won’t find much filters to search tracks. So just pick a free price range to get tracks accessible for downloading. You can also use hashtags like “guitar music”, “jazz music” or some other to depict what you are searching for in the search box. If all goes well and you find what you’re looking for, tap the green button, and embed your Vimeo login information to download your selected musical track.

7. PureVolume

PureVolume is a social media platform that deals with aspiring artists and newcomers from all over the world. Here you need to create a profile based on your music interests and the see the magic begin. You can contact your favorite musicians, chat, and even share your favorite songs with your friends. Apart from allowing you to download songs, the website also displays latest news from the music world letting you stay top-notch updated.


The first thing that you’ll probably notice about Noise Trade is their stylish interface. Once you start exploring further you’ll find various music tracks organized in various charts like top 10, emerging, trends and so on. As soon as you find the desired track you can even hear it to test the sound quality. If you like it then proceed further and hit the download button to save it on your PC.

9. DatPiff

A one stop junction for all Rap lovers! If hip-hop is your style then DatPiff is what you’re looking for. It is one of the best free music downloading website that consistently offers classic musical pieces and greatest hits of all time. You can even listen to fan made music compilations by new comer artists who’re coping to find some shine.

M3 song free download

10. MusOpen

Fan of instrumental classical music? Yup, then this is what you’re looking for! MusOpen is non -profit organization solely dedicated to preserve classical music of all time. It gives you an access to an organized music library collection which includes greatest hits of Baroque and Romanic times. If you’re looking for classical masterpieces then MusOpen is one amazing free music downloading website available online. All the tracks are available in high resolution sound quality and can be easily downloaded from the website.

Here were the 10 best music downloading websites that are surely worth checking out. So which is your best pick? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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