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1. Introduction: Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter

The type of music-related video is the most viewed category in YouTube every year and shares 1/4 traffic in this world's biggest online streaming platform. However, you must realize the fact that you cannot download YouTube videos even though you can view as many music videos as you want on the platform. Mp3 converter download.

Be it MP3 or MP4, YouTube just doesn't allow users to download any content from the site. Why? Because YouTube is making a fortune out of its advertising system and membership. If you want to download YouTube videos for offline watching, you should pay for $9.9 per month for its YouTube Premium.

However, I should tell you that even if you're willing to take $9.9 out of your pocket, you still cannot download YouTube videos in MP3. That's why Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 converter stands out here.

Y2Mate offers an online YouTube to MP3 Converter and a YouTube to MP3 app for Android. Both are able to help users download favorite YouTube HD videos in MP3 for free. I recommend you to try Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter Online, for it's quicker and more convenient without software. It works for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mac, and other devices. Better yet, Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter has no disturbing ads, no extra fee, and no virus. Just be safe on your journey.

You can directly convert YouTube videos to MP3 without software on devices running Android, Windows 10/8/7/XP or macOS. It's no sweat. You should learn your way around it here.

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Note that this is a YouTube converter app for Android users as well. You can click to download it.

iPhone and iPad have a closed operating system, which doesn’t enable users to directly convert and download media items from Safari. Also, YouTube converter app is not allowed on App Store, so you should follow carefully this tutorial if you still want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 in HD.

Note that the downloads will be saved in Documents by default, you can move them to Camera Roll manually.

Device security is always our top priority. Our tech team will regularly test the safety of service to make sure that Y2Mate is 100% safe and clean with no virus.

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Y2Mate is open and free to anyone who loves videos in the world. You'll not spend a penny here, and we'll not take any money out of your pocket. To this extent, Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter is legal to use. However, since it's not an official converter developed by YouTube, this may violate some terms of service in YouTube.

Sure you can. Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter will not limit the duration of the video. You can convert any video as longer as it is. However, the longer video is, the longer time it may take to convert the YouTube video to MP3.

As I've mentioned above, Y2Mate actually provides users with an Online YouTube Converter as well as a YouTube to MP3 Converter app for Android only. So, if you are not using any Android device, it's recommended to try Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Online Converter.

Y2Mate converter makes it easy to convert YouTube videos to MP4, MP3, 3GP, WAV, MOV, WebM, and many others. We've covered the most popular ones. However, if the format you want is not yet supported by Y2Mate, feel free to ask for the support.

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