Music and download. 10 Best Sites to Download Music

The free music is something every user looks for and it is a never ending quest. There are lots of websites which have been created to provide music for users, which the download rate is high and the overall user traffic also increases. These websites are frequently updated and the users are pacified when it comes to new songs release. There are many ways for you to listen music on Websites. Following is a list of top 10 best sites to download music: Where to download music.

The websites will now be reviewed one by one and the related downloading processes will also be discussed as an overview to enlighten the user:

1. YouTube

It is one of the best websites of all times to download the songs free in any format.

The large database of the website is awesome as it contains all the songs.

The website is rated high by the users and the current rating is 9.8.

The songs are sometimes difficult to search.

a. Access the main interface of the website:

b. The user then needs to search for the song by adding the keywords to the relevant tab. And cope the URL of the relevant song:

c. Download and lauch TunesGo. Click the "download" under the "Get Music" option. Paste link of YouTube to Tunesgo. Click the Download button to start downloading.

2. Mp3 Skull

It is also one of the best websites of all times to download mp3 songs directly.

It is a site from where the songs are downloaded most easily.

The site has a user friendly interface and can be operated easily.

The site offers additional program download in form of ads which is frustrating.

b. Within the search bar, the user needs to type the song name to get the results within seconds:

c. Right click the green download link, and the option of save file as or save target as it to be selected to complete the process.

3. Bee Mp3

The website is also known for its easy features and user friendly interface.

It has a large collection of old songs as well which makes it one of the best downloading site of all time.

The music is well arranged and organized.

The website sometimes gives a headache while searching a song.

You to mp3 download free

a. Access the main interface of the website by typing the listed URL:

b. Type the song name into the search bar to get the list:

c. Click the song so that the next window opens where the user has to enter the code, and the downloading is done by right clicking the song.

4. Free music archive

The website is though not renowned but still it has one of the best collections of songs that are available.

The songs have been arranged alphabetically which is one of the best moves.

The website provides a large number of songs organized well.

The overall appearance of the website needs an immediate revamp.

a. The user needs to search the listed URL within the browser bar:

b. The user needs to click the relevant tab and search the song from the list:

c. The song can be downloaded easily once the category is selected:

5. Epitonic

The website can provide the best music for user. It is easy to download music free.

The site has a feature of email newsletter which very few websites of similar genre provide.

The classic songs collection is very good for the related users.

The searching feature of the site should be upgraded and made easy.

a. Access the site through the exact URL as screemshot:

b. From the list of the songs, the user needs to tap the desired alphabet to search the song:

c. It can be downloaded easily:

6. Seek a song

The appearance of the website is simple and it allows the users to download the songs.

Album downloads free mp3

The songs have been well organized in form of charts which makes the downloading easy for the user.

The website has a very simple interface so it is easy to search the desired song.

The searching feature becomes a headache and should be upgraded to meet the current trends.

a. Search for the URL of the website.

b. The user can search for the songs through the artist name, alphabetically and through the charts that have been created:

c. Once the choice is made, the downloading is not a big deal at all:

7. Emp 3 World

Definitely needs no intro as it is one of those websites that have highest traffic. The pros and cons and the download process has been mentioned below:

Simple interface is one of the best features of the site.

The searching feature is awesome and easy to use.

The overall interface of the site needs to be improved and revamped.

a. Access the website by following the URL:

b. Within the search bar, the user needs to type the song name and the results are obtained:

c. Press the download button once the list has been extracted:

8. Mp3 Raid

It is regarded as one of the best websites to download the songs without any issue and problem.

The layout of the website is simple and compels the user to act.

The song searching feature is easy to access and use.

The website shows ads which are the only con of using it.

a. Access the website using the URL within the browser bar so that the main interface appears:

Free mp3 downloads legal

b. The user now needs to put in the relevant keywords within the search bar, then the list pops up and press the download button.

c. Download the song as per desired format on the next page which pops up:

It is also a renowned website for downloading awesome songs free of charge.

The website has a very colorful and attractive layout which is one of the best features.

The huge collection allows the users to download easily.

The website’s searching is outdated and needs to be replaced.

a. The user needs to access the website by using the link that has been listed:

b. From the left side bar, search the songs based in user’s favorite genre:

c. Once the genre and the artist has been selected, the song can be downloaded by pressing small down arrow on the right hand of every song:

It is one of the best websites which has a large collection of awesome songs and overall appearance is made stunning.

The website has been listed among the top websites of the world.

It has also been deemed as the place which has great interface.

The website is complex and this is the only disadvantage.

a. The user needs to open the URL of the website:

b. Within the search bar, the user needs to type the keywords or the song name:

c. Once the song is found, press the small down arrow highlighted in yellow to download the song easily.

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