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This program scans your harddrives or CD-ROMs for audio files and reads the embeded meta information (title, artist, album, etc.) into a database. Free mp3 music files.

With the search capabilities of a database program you can find a title in seconds and enqueue or play it or launch your preferred audio player application, e.g. WinAmp.

This software is fun when you already have collected a large number of MP3 files. It also helps to print CD-ROM labels and finds duplicate files using the FuzzyDupes engine.

Best Sound Quality

MP3db uses the BASS Audio Engine by BASS is well known for it's very best sound quality in audiophile circles.

Then MP3db supports playback over the ASIO interface. This sends the signal directly to the soundcard, without any resampling applied by the Windows mixer. You should hear the difference. If use a professional soundcard, the ASIO drivers should already be installed on your system. Other soundcards can use the free ASIO4ALL driver to enhance the quality of sound.

Wikipedia says: "an unmixed ASIO output is "bit identical" or "bit perfect"; that is, the bits sent to or received from the audio interface are identical to those of the original source, thus having higher audio fidelity."MP3db does not use any internal mixer and outputs the signal without any re-sampling. For a seamless play-back, the next title is always prefetched in another thread.

Endless Music Enjoyment through the Party-Mode

In Party-Mode (endless playback), the programm adds random titles from the database. If you choose a favorite track during party-mode playback (by double-click or enter-key), this title will be inserted at the next play position. Listen to your own music as to a radio station, or use this mode in gastronomy or with guests at home.

Dynamic Amplifying and Compressor

DAMPing (Dynamic Amplifying) gently adjusts the sound to a constant level. At home with guests or when using this software in a restaurant or bar, you can create a pleasing ambiance.

Finally overview on the music on your computer

The database offers you functionality to organize your music clearly arranged. This is, what only a real database can offer. And you don't need to put in too much effort, because all information is already stored inside the files. This database is also designed to work with large music collections. Files from different sources can be managed within the same database. Rediscover the treasures on your hard drives, just because you can find them now.

You don't pay this software with your personal data

Kroll-Software assures: This software does not connect with any server and it will not transmit, what music you currently listen to, and so on. Because there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, we take a small registration fee for this program.


Integrated player for best user experience

Youtube to mp3 songs download free

Party-Mode: Endless playback and endless fun

Dynamic Amplifying, ideal in gastronomy or at home

Best sound quality by the BASS Audio Engine and ASIO

Mixed archiving from your hard disk, network and removable media (CD-ROM, USB-Sticks, external hard drives).

Beside MP3, many popular audio formats as OGG/Vorbis, Flac, Windows Media Audio, MP4 (m4a), AAC and AC3 are supported as well

Supports MP3 ID3-tags version 1, 2.3 and 2.4, and other tag-formats listed below

Searching, sorting, filtering and grouping: The program offers many ways to transparently present your music

Drag and drop of files into other applications

Drag and drop of files and folders into the program (main window for scanning, playlist for play back)

Fuzzy duplicate search in title/artist/album

Free m3 music downloader

The data is saved in a MS-Access database, which can be also accessed by other programs

New in the current update:

System power settings options: Disable sleep and screensaver during playback

Fixed problems that could corrupt the database through multi-threaded access

Compact and repair database on every 50th program closing

Supported file types and tag formats:


Read a complete review for MP3db at Softpedia:

And also read the review at FindMySoft (with video):

Nikolaev Alexander Dmitrievich from the creative team says: "MP3db is a handy music tool that scans your entire system, finds all of your music files, reads their meta data, saves their paths to a database and offers a super-fast search tool that allows you to instantly find a specific song and open it or queue it for playback in your music player of choice [..] If you are seeking a comfortable tool for organizing your music collection and playing it with the best quality, download a copy of MP3db right now and get your party started!" read more at

write wherever it fits in this blog, what you think about MP3db.

You can try out MP3db - The MP3-Database free of charge and without any obligation for 60 days. After that you will need to register if you wish to continue using the integrated player. Even without registration you can use the software free of charge, just without the player.

The registration fee** is € 19.95 net amount *

Music downloader mp3 download

*) All prices are net amounts. If and how much VAT you have to pay depends on how and from where you place your order. More information can be found on the Shop Page

Secure payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal

via the company Share-it Digital River GmbH, Koeln

MP3 files can contain copyrighted material. This software should not tempt you to violate any copyrights.

You can find a surprisingly supply of free high quality contemporary electronic music licensed under the Creative-Commons-License at

MP3db 2012 is listed and rated on many download-sites, among others:

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