You to mp3 download free. 21 Free Music Players For Your Website

Realizing the increasing demand of useful apps across the web, we regularly feature commercial and free software on Handcut Designs, so decided it was time to bring a roundup of free website music related applications to your attention. Just keep in mind that this list isn’t a ranking list of web apps. So, let’s start with this compilation that every web developer, designer and freelancer should consider. You just need to follow few instruction and you’re all set for Listening music online. In this Post you can find your choice of free music player with all the necessary details. Free mp3 player.

01. Dewplayer

Dewplayer is very cool and clean interface flash mp3 player. The flash animation is very light and easy to use. It downloads and plays the mp3 file when the play button is pressed.

It is under Creative Commons license. The usage is totally free even for commercial purposes (but not reselling it).

You can simply use the HTML example code, and set the mp3 argument. Use 44.1 Khz encoded mp3 files for better playing. Here’s a demo with the file test.mp3 in the same directory.

Else you can generate the HTML code directly for their site also.

02. MP3 Player

MP3 Player is a flash Music player for MP3 files. It’s an open source Music player which can be customized and integrated you’re your websites easily. It has 5 different versions that allow you to integrate it the way you like which also allows users to choose their tracks from multiple files.

For Detailed installation please refer this LINK

03. Flash Music Players

You can choose one of their free flash music players for your website and use it to stream music on your web page. It’s also very easy to customize as there are two parameters you can modify to customize the flash music player. First, the color of the player and second, the skin of the player which is very easy to change.

There is a detailed installation guide available with each music player.

04. Flash MP3 Player

Flash MP3 Player is a free application that allows you to play music on your website easy and fast. You won’t need any programming skills to install or use it. Just embed it into your website and player will automatically scan a specified folder and form a playlist. Flash MP3 Player comes with following features.

standard player controls

forms playlist automatically

The installation guide is included with the Mp3 file named as “readme.html”.

05. XSPF Web Music Player

XSPF Web Music Player is a flash-based web application that uses xspf playlist format to play mp3 songs. XSPF is the XML Shareable Playlist Format. The software is written in Actionscript 2.

It comes in three versions.

The basic HTML example code is:

06. Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player

This flash music player can play up to 25 of your favorite mp3’s continuously. You can make the music automatically play or have a manual start. Click the button on the left to pause the music and click it again to continue play. It will match your website because you can customize the music player using html color codes. You can customize the following:

change the movie background color

change the player background color

define the number of MP3’s that play up to 25

define your MP3 song titles up to 25

define autostart or manual start

Muzic mp3 download

define the scrolling titles color

define the song title window color

define the outer and inner panel color

define the color of the dots surrounding the player

define track time elapsed color

Basic instructions are included with the file.

07. Website Music Player

Easily add music to your Web site with this advanced flash mp3 player and stream your music with style. No programming knowledge required. Simply upload your Mp3s to the MP3 directory and the songs are automatically added to the playlist. Then just copy-and-paste the code into any Web page. Features include collapsible playlist, graphic equalizer, volume control, song position slider, percentage of song loaded display, reliable buffering and song control buttons (previous song, play, pause, stop, and next song). This new version is unaffected by the recent Internet Explorer update that disables flash movie controls.

All the necessary instructions are included with the file.

08. FLAMPlayer

FLAMPlayer is an mp3 player built in Flash, and so, it can be embedded in an Html page. It works using PHP and MySQL. The database stores the authors and tracks characteristics, the PHP scripts manage the communication between the Flash player and the MySQL database.

FLAM Player includes a back-end allowing the fast addition of tracks, the edition of authors or tracks characteristics, the creation of playlists and the simple integration of the player in a page.

For detailed installation please refer this LINK

09. Zanorg Player

If you looking for not so complicated and yet another website MP3 player which can play only single file of your need then zanorg player is the best option.

Place the downloaded file “zplayer.swf” on your website, where you want to put it in your page.

To insert the Zanorg player in your page, use the following code, or create your custom code with the online generator.

Modify “file.mp3″ with the url of your mp3 file (ex: or /music/music1.mp3 )

10. Website MP3 player – DNeX FMP256

This unique Flash application lets you put a fast, small and reliable playlist-driven MP3 player on your website. It can play up to six MP3 tracks from anywhere on the Web, delivered to all the major web browsers and mobile platforms that support Flash Player 8 or above.

All the necessary instructions are included with the file.

11. Silverlight Audio Player

Silverlight Audio Player is a simple audio player that can be used for playing back one or more audio files. It currently supports two styles of player. The first plays a single file. The second allows you to play multiple files.

You need the file, and optionally an XML playlist file. Once you have those, you can load the Silverlight application in the same way you would any other. Remember to set up the size appropriately, and pass in the MP3 file Url or Playlist Url in the Initparams (see below). By convention, Visual Studio likes XAP files to be stored in a ClientBin folder. You do not need to do this, and if you don’t, you will need to adjust the relative paths from the examples shown below (i.e. no need for..\ on your Urls).

To use the single player, simply pass init params following the to your silverlight object. The single player should be sized 295 pixels wide and 30 pixels high.

InitParams: Url=,Artist=Artist Name,Title=Song title

Mp3 songs free download for mobile

The multi-player is still a work in progress. To launch the player with multiple files, you need to point it at a playlist. A playlist is

an XML file containing the Url, Artist and Title for each track you wish to play.

12. flowplayer

The audio plugin lets you stream MP3 data into Flowplayer. Flowplayer can automatically load the audio plugin when it encounters a clip whose file name ends with MP3 or mp3. It loads the file from the same folder from which the player was loaded.

For detailed installation please refer this LINK

13. Dewplayer

Dewplayer WordPress plugin allows you to insert DewPlayer (a free flash mp3 Player, under Creative Commons licence) in posts or pages and lets you listen to your favorite MP3 songs online.

Dewplayer exists in 3 versions: Mini, Classic and Multi (configurable in admin panel).

14. WordPress Audio Player

Audio Player is a highly configurable but simple mp3 player for all your audio needs. It’s Features include:

configurable colour scheme to match your blog theme

right-to-left layout switch for Arabic and Hebrew language sites

many options such as autostart and loop

ID3 tag support (custom track info also available)

For detailed installation please refer this LINK

15. XSPF Web Player

If you got webhosting server that has little space, and cannot store tracks online. Than this is the right type of music player which is just like a flash player which can be embedded into your web pages and which reads mp3 files via HTTP anywhere on the internet. The XSPF web player does exactly that, and is licensed GPL. It’s Features include:

Works under Linux and Windows (and probably on every PC with a flash-compatible browser).

Plays local and remote MP3 music (HTTP)

Autostart playing and autorepeat if desired.

Song and Categories database managed from the Options menu

3 player modes selectables.

Track order defined by user.

Inline (on the fly) parameter customization.

16. Taragana’s mp3 Player

This plugin makes any mp3 links (in post or page or any other location in your blog) playable directly on your webpage. In addition, your visitors will have the opportunity to easily tag and post the mp3 link to This script is extremely lightweight, as is the flash movie that plays on demand. Must-have for podcasters or anyone who wants to allow blog visitors to play mp3 files on the website itself.

Free music

17. WPaudio

If you are not a great fan of flash that you might goanna like this. In their own words “Deactivate that lame Flash player and install a plugin that makes you proud to embed mp3s. WPaudio installs in seconds, looks great, and is easy to use.”

You can convert all mp3 links, just the ones you specify, or you can use tags with advanced download options. Customize font, size, and colors right from WordPress. WPaudio was written for performance. It uses the WordPress’s built-in scripts and the lightweight SoundManager2 library which Won’t slow down your website.

18. Flash MP3 Player

This plugin can display a highly customizable MP3 player on your sidebar, in a single post page or any other places on your blog pages.

Now, this plugin use JW MP3 player v2.3 as its core. It provides a lot of features that last version doesn’t have:

Display an album cover when playing a song.

Set the custom background image.

Multiple configuration files and play lists.

Insert to other place of your page with shortcode or template tag.

19. Wimpy MP3 Player

Wimpy streaming audio mp3 player is the easiest way to present streaming audio content on your web page or web server. Wimpy makes streaming audio from your Web site a snap — without having to install cumbersome streaming server software. Wimpy is by far the most flexible online audio player.

1. Install and test Wimpy to ensure that Wimpy works properly on your server.

2. Add the necessary PHP code to your template/theme so that your pages can display the player.

3. Configure, install and activate the plugin through the WordPress admin interface.

For detailed installation guide please refer this LINK

20. MP3 Player Plugin

This is a great way to get your music out there either through just listening or having some music on your site.

For detailed installation guide please refer this LINK

21. Flowplayer for WordPress

Flowplayer is an Open Source Audio player for the Web. Use it to embed audio streams into your web pages.

For detailed installation guide please refer this LINK

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