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YouTube has fastly become a universal source for video or audio files. But its main drawback is that these streams are only available online. Youtube to mp3 converter download.

When using a smartphone or a tablet, it could be interesting to be able to download these files on your device and then to be able to watch them or listen to them offline.

Hopefully, thanks to a very powerfull application called YouTube downloader for Android this becomes possible. You can even decide to keep only the audio track and to transcode it to mp3. Last and best thing... this application is totally free and without ads.

This article explains how to install and configure YouTube downloader for Android. This application will allow you to record any video clip on your device and thanks to ffmpeg, you will also be able to keep only the audio track converted into a mp3 file.

So, thanks to this fantastic tool, you'll be able to watch or listen to your favorite YouTube clip from anywhere, even without network connectivity.

It has been tested on a Nexus 4 under JB 4.3 but it should be applicable to any device running Android 4.0+.

1. Installation

As Google is not encouraging offline usage of YouTube material, this application is not available from Play Store. Obviously, this is your own decision to follow this guide or not.

If you decide to carry on, you'll need to install the application directly from the APK file provided by sourceforge site.

First, make sure that you've allowed Installation of applications from unknown source.

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Just select to install it.

2. Configuration: General

If you want to save your video or mp3 to a specific directory, select Custom folder and browse your sdcard thru Open file-chooser.

At this stage you are able to download any video footage down to your phone.

Next step will be to configure live mp3 conversion to be able to keep only the audio track as a standard mp3 file.

3. Configuration: mp3 Conversion

To configure a direct mp3 conversion, we need to select Advanced / Enable FFmpeg "plugin".

Confirmation screen will come. Download of ffmpeg plugin will start as soon as you confirm.

FFmpeg client will be downloaded under /sdcard/Android/data/

You can now select Advanced / Auto-extract audio, tick Enable automatic extraction and configure all other options:

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4. Record

Now that everything is setup, you can start a video download (and conversion) straight from your Android YouTube client.

Just open any video you want from your YouTube client.

Then click on Share and select YouTube downloader. You will be presented with all available formats.

Select any format suitable to you. If you are doing a mp3 conversion, select a format that holds a good quality audio.

Just confirm you choice with Download here. Your download will start.

At the end of the download, if you configured mp3 encoding, audio extraction and encoding will start. Once encoding is over, you'll get a completion message.

Your mp3 file is now available under the directory you previously configured.

5. Force File Detection

Even if your mp3 file have been generated on your SD card, it may not be detected by music players like Play Music.

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This is a common problem on Android devices.

You just need to trigger the file detection process for your SD Card.

Once installed, just launch it to trigger the detection process.

Your mp3 files should appear in Play Music after few seconds.

You can now listen to your mp3 while offline!

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