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Search through and download millions of MP3 files. Mb3 free download.

Install Mp3 Download Manager and you can search for and download MP3 files to your computer, create and manage lists and listen to individual songs or entire lists. You can search for specific files by title or artist, type a URL into the search bar, or copy and paste a Youtube link, and download from the results list that your search returns. You can even listen to the file using the music player within the application before you download it.

Find and download MP3 files quickly and efficiently

Download and execute free MP3 Download Manager. The application launches to a very comprehensive and intuitive user interface with three tabs - Search Results, Downloads and Favorites immediately below a search bar. At the bottom of the screen beneath the main window, you'll find standard audio player controls and a progress bar.

To find and download MP3 files, simply type keywords into the search bar and your results will be displayed with Name, Time (duration of file), Publisher and Download columns. Alternatively, input a URL and the application will search within the location for audio which it will extract and convert to MP3. You can sample any file on your list of results by selecting it and using the integrated audio player, and download it by clicking the icon in the Download column.

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The status of the files you've selected to download can be viewed by clicking the Downloads tab. Files are listed in Name, Time (duration), Publisher and Operation columns. The Operation column shows you the Success (downloaded), Converting, Downloading and Queued status of each file. Right-clicking a downloaded file enables you to select Add to Favorites, Open File Location, delete it, etc.

In the Favorites window, you are able to view all your downloaded files and listen to them as you would a playlist.

Download MP3 files to your own requirements

The Settings, accessed via the menu bar, enables you to customize the application to suit your individual needs. You can set the number of files being concurrently and the bitrate. Other options are Stay on Top, Download Album pictures, etc.

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Additional menu bar icons are a download icon and a folder icon. The folder icon opens the location where the application stores all the downloaded files. You are also able to open the file location of any individual file by right-clicking it in the Favorites window and selecting Open Download Folder form the context menu.

Search to find and download any number of MP3 files with MP3 Download Manager, a convenient and simple to use application that sets up quickly and easily on any Windows operated computer.

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Other Thoughts: The best mp3 download program I've ever used, I highly recommend it.

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