Pmp3 download. Free children s songs for teachers and schools. Free mp3 Song Downloads.

Free children’s songs for teachers and schools. Free mp3 Song Downloads.

Hello teachers and children’s organizations professionals. Free song mp3 downloads.

I know how limited school budgets are, and how you often have to choose between buying a resource yourself or going without. So I’m currently offering free downloads for teachers and other professionals who work with children.

The free mp3 downloads include 60 Songdrops songs.

This offer is available for all formal classroom teachers, home school teachers, and children’s organization professionals from any country. Please note I have about 180 Songdrops songs, and this download consists of roughly the first 60 songs. Songs from the last 5 years or so aren’t included in this download but most are available on iTunes and streaming apps and all are on YouTube.).

Where can i download mp3 songs for free

Here is the link to the free download. Feel free to share it with other teachers. By downloading 60 free Songdrops songs, you agree to be on the Songdrops educators email list. Emails are currently sent 0- 3 times a year. )

If you’d like to leave a comment about this program or any other teacher-related comments, there’s a teacher comment page here.

Thanks again for the good work you do, and for sharing my songs with your kids.

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