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It gives a free trial, it does not limit the ammount of videos you can download, and it is able to download at your internet speed.

There are no cons to this product

This is one of the best youtube downloaders one of the reasons is because of it does not limit the amount of videos and the time or size of the video and playlist you are trying to download like the other ones that i have tried this is by far the best playlist downloader out there and i have seen nothing that has ever beaten it.

Great software, does exactly what it says on the box (and quicker than I expected). Recommended without reservation.

Very satisfied customer.

It does exactly what it is supposed to, you copy a link from YouTube for the playlist or music you would like to download, paste it into the software and it gets to work, simple as that, anyone could use it, customizable interface and its extremely fast!

I can't really think of any bad points about this software, I have a suggestion that involves adding a playlist file after every playlist downloaded, but that's it.

Mp3 download free online

Must have software for anyone into music, great for people on the go that do not want to download songs individually! Great price to.

It's only 15 Mb!. You can download music in.mp3 or the complete video with a lot of available formats. Most important it's fast and easy to use

Most aesthetics. I would like to change colors and resize its window but it doesn't interfere with functionality

Great software if you wanna buy something that works for real

2. perfect file name, exactly what I hoped.

3. very clean, no nonsense crap

This app seems the best one so far in the market.

Free mp3 converter

I'm no computer geek but once in a while want to save something I see or hear on Youtube and this does it hands down. The playlist feature is so cool and easy. One click and it's doing it's thing. Also I'm on a very slow server and this screams!

Such a powerful program! I can't even find another one like him because: simple to use. click download!. can retry the failed downloads. and quality content. is also work on the poorest pc on the world.

6.Arrange the downloaded videos inside a custom folder automatically.

Wait! He also gave u a great feature! U can even download mp3 playlist and afcorse the program automatically converts the format From MP4 to mp3 how simple is that hahaha.

Nothing to mention until now <3

simple to use! If u don't want to waste your time to download a lot of videos go and copy that link and paste it on this program and go listen to some relaxing music:P ;)

Just about everything about it. It is very straightforward, not a ton of bells & whistles to muck up the works, and it just does what it says it will do. Quickly and easily:)

Mp3 file download free

I would like to have the option to drag and drop URL's but couldn't seem to make that work (if it is even supposed to). If it turns out it is a usable feature, the 'Cons' become "None.":)

Soooooo easy to use. Thank you!

transfers the whole playlist

fast! i find so many rare songs and clips of audio i want to have for my collection. so many people putting things that have never been published on record out there on youtube. its a definite must have app.

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