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Saving EMI: Read the column ‘ Hands Can Save EMI by Making Music Free on Web ‘ posted on Bloomberg News. Hands may be smart with money, but so are the Rolling Stones, and if they aren’t sticking around, EMI will be in more strife. And yet Hands is right about one thing: The old rulebook needs to be torn up. But he is wrong to think he can fix EMI with cost cuts. He needs to dig a lot deeper into his pockets. Mp3 search engine.

Ringo Starr Shows His Tough Side: Former Beatle Ringo Starr was scheduled to perform on “Live with Regis & Kelly” on Tuesday and walked off because he and the show’s producers could not agree on the length of his song.

An End to File Sharing? AT&T is evaluating whether to examine traffic on its Internet lines to stop illegal sharing of copyright material.

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Juno Soundtrack Sells Like Hotcakes: Soundtracks rarely sell today but the Juno soundtrack sold 57k this week with total sales of 200k. Why is it selling? The movie is impactful and as buzznet says the music fits SO perfectly that you’ll associate the music with your movie experience. When music takes the front the seat, it sells.

Warner Music Sues MP3 Search Engine: Warner Music is suing the popular search engine Seeqpod that allows users to listen to streaming MP3s hosted on other people’s websites.

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The Filter: Who wants to weed through 100,000 new record releases and 200 million videos on Youtube? You don’t, but we will. Rock act Adelitas Way has just finished working with producer Brian Howes (Hinder, Daughtry). Yep, this is mainstream rock at its finest. Listen to the track Hate Love. For more information email here.

Listen to the track Run to Me by Jenna Westerbeck. Jenna has appeared in the ‘Here I Stand’ video from Madina Lake and the ‘Rockstar’ video from Nickelback. She will begin her tour in April with Chasing Yesterday. For more information email here.

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