Free mp3 music to download. 25 Websites To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

YouTube is a most famous video-sharing website, where users can upload, share and view videos. The videos available on YouTube are in a range of quality levels with the former names of standard quality (SQ), high quality (HQ) and high-definition (HD) have been replaced by numerical values representing the vertical resolution of the video. You can find any kind of video from anywhere through the world, Not even the soothed videos or official videos, you can even see the videos of that songs which are only available in audio mode only, by the personal creation of users. If you like any video song at YouTube which is not available in audio mode, and want to save it permanently as mp3 in your music library then here’s the 25 best solution for it. Youtube to mp3 converter online.

Best Websites To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3 Online:

1. YouTube MP3

is one of the most easiest way to convert YouTube videos to mp3. It is the finest web service to convert video to mp3. No need of any Sign-Up or log-in in the, thing which you need is the YouTube URL. You can use it with your Mac, a Linux PC or even an iPhone. A high quality output comes with 3 to 4 of the converted video with a minimum bit rate of 128k Bit/s all these services are totally free. The interface of the site is also available in different languages. You can also use this site as web app due to its available Add-on for Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

2. Tube to MP3

Tube to mp3 is a simple “text” laden interface, where you just paste the URL to link to YouTube video. You can also convert the videos of DailyMotion and MySpace. The output of your music or audio file for playing. That’s why its name stands for Tube to mp3 ( Not only for YouTube also for DailyMotion and MySpace).

3. Vid To MP3

VidToMP3 is a brand new site that allows you to download the audio from un-copyrighted video clips on video sites. It is a site that allows you to download YouTube videos and the audio from non-copyrighted video clips on video sites. You can also convert the videos from MySpace, YouTube, Vimeo, Google video and many more. It just needs a URL of the video and takes some minutes to convert video into mp3 and give a direct link for download mp3 file.

4. Make It MP3, is one of the highest quality and most convenient YouTube to Mp3 converter. It is the #1 YouTube conversion service. You do not have to download any software or any registration, Although YouTube to mp3 is our most popular conversion but you can convert virtually any FLV file to include metacafe, Google videos, yahoo videos and many more and recently a new feature is added which provide the interface in multi language powered by Google Translate.

5. Flvto: YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

is an amazing video convert, which not even converts the videos to MP3 also gives many other features like converting the audio in DivX, iPod, iPhone, and others including MP3 formats. On this site a user can convert a file free up to 100 MB and the Subscription with premium plans for the users to convert the files up to 50 GB with ten different formats. You can convert a video either by the direct link or by uploading a file. This site also has the Add-on for web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

6. YouTube To MP3

YouTube to mp3 is the easy, quick and the fast way to convert a YouTube video to mp3. YouTube to Mp3 uses the latest technology to convert YouTube to Mp3 online without registration and unlimited conversions into a high quality Mp3 audio ( by the selection of the quality either its Low, Standard or High). All the services provided by this site are free to use. If you think about the quality, it is the best solution e.g. You may select the high quality output selection and it’ll convert the quality which only be equal to the quality of the FLV file. Just copy the URL, paste it and convert. That it’s easy..!!

7. YouTube Droid

YouTube Droid is also a free web service to convert the videos to mp3, infect not only in mp3 you can also convert videos include FLV, 3GP, MP4, AVI (i.e. DivX ) formats. It is also very easy to use and fast. It’s good to see while its work as I found. Just past the URL and input the CAPTCHA and with some time you get the link of converting files for download.

8. Video to MP3

Video to MP3 is a website with a simple interface to convert an online video URL to mp3 format. It is a free website with no limits on the amount of conversions and downloads and gives higher quality standards than any other site up to 256 kbps. Video to MP3 is based on the latest Cutting-edge burst and multi-threaded technology which converts the videos with Lightning speed process with zero loss to quality. The website also have the Add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

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9. Listen to YouTube

is the another most convenient online application for converting YouTube flash video to MP3 audio. It provides fast, free, and registration free services. You just need a YouTube URL, and they will transfer the video to their server, extract the MP3, and give you a link to download the audio file within few minutes. Two Quality options are given Standard and High Quality. Some features are also tied-up as YouTube to MP3, MP3 from YouTube Video, FLV to MP3, Extract MP3 from flash video, Download MP3 from YouTube, Video to MP3 converter, Convert YouTube to mp3, Online MP3 converter.

10. Mp3ify: YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

Mp3ify is the one of the best online video converter I used till. It is like a search engine which search very fast and with easy ways for already converted YouTube to mp3 files and all of those files has great audio quality. You can search a song on the page, hear the songs too, at downloading time they provide Faster download speed. It is 100% virus free website and have the top quality Audio 256 kbps Mp3’s with Full Access to VEVO High Quality Audio.

Another website convert video to Mp3 as its name, it is very easy to use. You can get audio from Video you can convert YouTube video to MP3, MP4, or 3GP. Without any need of registration and download the software. You can also convert the videos from Vimeo, in other words a 100% free online converter included YouTube and Vimeo with various formats.


GetVideoMP3 is the one of the most easy way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and save them into your music library forever for free. It is Simple and easy and converts within 4 steps, Enter the URL of the video, Click on ‘Download Now, Wait for the download box on-screen and save it by clicking on.mp3 for MP3 format and. aac for AAC format.

13.Gazzump: YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

Gazzump is an ultimate YouTube video download application for downloading YouTube videos in various audio and video formats also with Firefox Add-on. The formats include mp3, wav, wmv, avi, mov, mp4, flv and many more. You can also download YouTube videos with our advanced and user-friendly technology. It gives the result in high quality, with input videos from my-space, YouTube and Break.

14.Convert Direct

Convert Direct offers an online FLV converter service to convert online FLV such as YouTube to video formats to MP3 included 3GP, MP4, WMA, MPEG, MOV and many more to play on PC, iPod, Zune, PSP, mobile etc. You just have to enter the URL and select the output format.

15.Convert for Me

is one of the most simple, fast, easy to use online video converter. You just have to paste the URL and the required output format from MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, MPEG and MOV and click on the download now. In just 3 steps you get the result.

16. ixconverter

A free YouTube to MP3 included MP4, 3GP, FLV and AVI (DivX) Converter. allows you to convert and download a YouTube Video to MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV and AVI (DivX) file online So you can watch/listen to your favorite YouTube tracks at any either you are not accessing the internet.

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17.Zamzar: YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

One of the finest online YouTube video converter to convert video to MP3 included many other formats such as. aac,. ogg,. mff,. wav,. wma and many more. Not even the videos you can also convert an image from one to another format and any kind of document file.

18.Bender Converter

is also an awesome converter service provider where you can convert video and audio files uploaded from your computer or online with the supports the following formats: MP3, Avi, Mpeg, Flash video, iPod / iPhone, GIF, JPEG and other popular formats. It also has an application software for a YouTube Converter, as recommend Bender Real-player. Bender Real-player allows you to download a YouTube video and convert it to any format.

19.Audio Thief

Audio Thief is a free online YouTube converter where you can convert and download the audio easily. You just need a video URL and Audio Thief will get the audio from the video with good quality without any required sign up, all this service is totally free, so enjoy..!! You can also download it as Add-on for Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

20. 2conv: YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

2conv is an amazing online video converter to get YouTube videos to commonly spread formats like iPod, iPhone, Windows DivX, MP3 and others. You can convert videos through YouTube include Veoh, DailyMotion, MySpace, Facebook, Metacafe, Lulu, Vimeo and other. You can also choose the subscription packages containing unlimited features are presented as well. It also has the Firefox Add-on.

21.Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is a fantastic online video converter service. You have to select your location, then have to select the required output format like MP3 with many others. Also you can convert the videos either by upload from a PC or online. Firefox Add-on, Chrome and Safari extensions are also available. You can also choose the understanding language for better interface.

22.Audio. Online-Convert

Audio online converts is one of the best video converter website. You can convert your audio file to MP3 in high quality with this free online MP3 converter. Just upload your music and download the MP3 within an instance. You can adjust audio bit-rate, audio frequency, audio channels, Trim audio and Normalize audio for the better and higher quality output either via upload from a PC or Online.

23.Convert YouTube Video

Convertyoutubevideo is the fast, simple and easy to use online video converter website. Now convert with support of YouTube, College Humor, Daily Motion, Metcafe, MySpace, Bofunk, Spike, Totallycrap, Kontraband and various adult sites with MP3, Audio, MP4, WMV, AVI, iPod, iTunes, FLV, MOV and many other audio formats.

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Clip Converter is a free online media conversion application, which allows you to convert and download video almost every common audio or video formats. Its supported services are Direct Download, YouTube (HQ and HD), Google Video, Sevenload, MySpace, DailyMotion (HQ), Vimeo (HQ), Metacafe, MyVideo, YouPorn, Pornhub, Veohwatch your favorite videos free and fast on your cell phone, PSP, iPhone or nearly any other device.

MP3: YouTube Videos To MP3 Online

A simple way to convert YouTube video to MP3. Just past the URL and click the “Download MP3” button. You can also cut the mp3 format audio according to your required length through this web application.

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