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Top sites for legal music downloads. You can download almost anything on the internet for free nowadays, but most of the music available there is illegal. So if you’re the honest type and care about the artists and producers, then you should definitely look for legal music. Free and safe mp3 download.

Its possible to download free music legally (for free)

The good thing is that, besides streaming services (which is an option, but not free), there are some websites that allow you to download music legally.

Vendors like iTunes and Napster, a growing number of labels and artists, now offer music that can be downloaded directly from their sites; but these are not necessarily free.

However, there are several websites out there that offer free music downloads. Although, they will not provide you the latest hits, you can still find popular songs (besides scores of independent artists) that should keep your ears happy.

You can always opt for streaming music, but there are some songs that you just have to own, or maybe you want to support some artist or band. In that case, buying (downloading) music is the best option.

The bigger, obvious names include the likes of iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Play Music; no doubt these stores are great, but there are some smaller players as well where you can find interesting music (especially from upcoming artists).

Top 15 music download websites

Here are some of our favorites that provide music downloads that are safe and legal.

Bandcamp: If you’re a fan of independent artists, video game soundtracks, and other self-promoted small bands, DJs, and other artists, you should definitely checkout Bandcamp.

Beatport: Great place for those who love electronic music, it’s packed with downloads from independent DJs and producers looking to make a name for themselves.

CDBaby: All of their music is available as standard mp3s, or FLAC files. The site is large and you can find almost any type of music at CDBaby.

eMusic: Besides being a subscription service, it’s also a great place to download high quality mp3s from a variety of artists.

Free mp3 music downloads for mp3 player

Free Music Archive: A massive collection of tracks that will keep you busy for a long time.

Noise Trade: Covers a wide range of genres, musicians, and forthcoming events.

Jamendo: Has a massive repository of free music on the internet.

Soundcloud: Established and lesser-known artists often offer free downloads on this site (provided you’re able to find their verified profile).

Vimeo: Although its primarily a video-sharing website, Vimeo also has a huge music library (most of the songs are associated with videos actually) from where you can download music.

Amazon: The site has a massive bargain bin of free MP3 downloads.

Live Music Archive: A joint venture between Internet Archive and, the site provides high-quality music downloads of live concerts. The site offers a fairly diverse library of free music that you can download.

Watch: Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites

Digital Music downloads: Guide

MP3 Music and Digital Music downloads: Here’s a simplified guide to understanding Digital Music. Get a grasp over the basics of the digital medium, learn about popular sites, services & software. Find useful Tips & Tutorials on how to get the most out of your music library.

Mp3 software


Finding the right music for your gig is important, but its equally important to stay up to date with the latest releases. KeytarHQ brings to you Amazon MP3 digital music downloads. Amazon is an affordable and legal source for downloading all the music you could ever need.

Digital vs Analog Music

With gadgets such as computers & MP3 players becoming so popular and used extensively for music related purposes, most of us just assume that digital music is the only way music is stored/reproduced.

However the fact is that music can be stored/reproduced in two ways – Digital as well as Analog.

Digital Music, also known as digital audio, represents sound as numerical values (similar to any other digital data). Analog systems, on the other hand, such as magnetic tapes or vinyl records, rely on physical methods to reproduce the sound.

Music that you record on computers is stored in the digital format, but when its heard through loudspeakers, there’s a mechanism that converts the digital audio format into analog format so that it can be heard through speakers.

Digitizing Not Just Limited to Music

Digitizing means converting music/audio stored on media such as vinyl records/cassettes/tapes into the digital format. The digital audio can then be played back using your favorite software media player.

Digitizing is not just limited to music/audio from cassette tapes or vinyl records. Tasks such as converting text to speech, recording streaming music, making podcasts using a microphone, involve digitizing.

Digital Audio Files for Media Players

Digital audio files (the ones that you hear through media players) are stored nowadays using various encoding formats, with the purpose of making them smaller in size without any noticeable loss in the audio quality.

Besides MP3, other popular encoding formats include AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV. Though most popular media players and applications recognize & play the more popular audio formats, you can always use a converter to convert a audio format into another popular format, in case you face any problems.

Software & Converters

Looking for more information on various audio formats, converter software, or looking for MP3 players? Here are some useful links.

Www mp3 songs free download

Whether you want to learn how to rip a CD, or how to create playlists, or convert between audio formats, here are some easy-to-follow guides to help you with these aspects of digital music.

Download Free Music Song

Online MP3 download music sites make it easy for music lovers to download, save and listen to all their favorite music. These free music download sites usually have music across various genres.

And such sites are also great for aspiring artists who wish to get some free publicity and get recognition from their music. They just have to upload their music on these free mp3 downloads sites, and allow the world to hear their music.

Searching for a song is easy on these sites. Just type the name of the song or the album or filter based on the artists name and all the information will be instantly displayed.

One thing to remember…the time taken to download the music song will depend on the size of the mp3 file and the speed of your internet connection.

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