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There are plenty of ways nowadays how to download a video from YouTube. Maybe you don’t want the video, just the song you caught up on lately. Well, if you want to download, there are plenty of options on how to extract just the audio from it. No, we won’t promote the usual way of using YouTube downloader and then using separate tools to split up the two. We’ll talk about two ways how to do it, one is online, through the browser, another one is by downloading a desktop software for it. Free and safe mp3 download.

Browser Based

Less memory occupying version and probably the easiest, although the slowest. We can recommend more than one, but is probably the best free one online. No need to sign in, no ads. Just paste your URL, and that’s it. The mp3 YouTube not only supports YouTube, but you can also download from Twitter, Instagram, Vevo, Google Drive, Dailymotion, AOL, Facebook, VK, Metacafe, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and many other popular platforms. You can choose formats like.mp3 (both 128kb and 256kb),.aac,.m4a if you want only sound, and if you want video as well, then.f4v,.3gp,.mp4 and.webm. The website also has several language options.

Why download an app?

Well, it can be faster than browser-based converters. Also, you will be able to get that music and videos from multiple links all at once. First of all, we want to warn you that downloading without copyright owner’s permission is sort of illegal in many countries. So, either don’t, or ask, or eventually use a VPN. Here are the top 5.

Any Video Converter (free)

This one is the best, just paste your wanted URL, click convert and save. Easy right. Although it is, as its name says, a converter for any format, it possesses the option for YouTube downloads. That may be a problem if you only search for that option, since Any is bundled up with other options, taking additional space on your hard drive. So it may be an overkill to use this powerful one just for one task.

Where to download mp3

aTube Catcher

Same as Any VC, aTube Catcher is a superb tool for this purpose, but also comes bundled with some extra software. It is interesting for its Windows 8-style interface showing you all the options available. Since it works only for files that are already on your PC, select YouTube downloader and Paste URL on URL del video. It also provides more than one mp3 option.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

This one does exactly what its name says, but, when installing beware of adware bundled with it, so uncheck when it shows ByteFence during the installation. After it, your only worry is which link to paste, and what quality or format to choose. Files are saved and converted at the same time. It is better than ones stated above because it is software for that sole purpose.

4K Video Downloader

Not so stylish one, but it is easy to use and packed with a lot of useful options. Copy URL link from any type (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) or a whole YouTube playlist, click on extract and pick a type (MP3, M4A or others) and convert. Its biggest advantage is its ability to download 24 videos at once.

M3 song free download

Again, be careful about copyrights when converting YouTube to mp3. Enjoy your downloads.


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