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If you have not converted streaming video to MP3 on Android before, just take two minutes to learn the top 5 YouTube to MP3 Convert app for Android. Therefore, you can download YouTube music in MP3 file format directly. Besides, you can use video to MP3 converter to download streaming YouTube videos in other audio formats too. The main reason people convert a video to MP3 is that MP3 music can suit almost all music players. But if you have specific requirements towards music quality and size, it is totally OK to download and convert video to other audio formats. Some of the following YouTube to MP3 downloader app for Android can work on iOS devices too. How do you do mp3 free download.

Tubemate is a tool to download YouTube to MP3 on Android for free, however, you are not able to find TubeMate on Google Play yet. The most similar one is Tubemote, which is the free remote control for online videos. Tubemate has powerful supports of various resolutions, like HD videos and more. Even though your Internet connection breaks, it can resume YouTube to MP3 Android conversion automatically.

Step 1: Tap the up right corner magnifying option to activate search box, and then search for the YouTube videos.

Step 2: Tap on the video that you’re looking for and choose download size, video format and output resolution as needed.

After that, you can set the converted YouTube to MP3 music on Android as phone rings. Or you can also add it to your playlist and listen to it offline without limitation.

3. Android YouTube Downloader

Videoder is an Android app for people to stream, download, convert and apply online music videos. Supported by Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and many other popular video sources, you can convert millions of online streaming videos to MP3 in a completely free way. And you can download YouTube videos in 4K UHD modes too. With super fast speed of converting YouTube to MP3 on Android, you can save more time than using other video to audio converters.

Convertor mp3

Step 1: Search for the music you want or simply paste the YouTube video link to the search bar.

Step 2: Select under Audio Download Links. Or you can use smart copy link

You can save multiple converted MP3 songs in background simultaneously. In addition, Videoder will help you collect all downloaded YouTube video to MP3 in a single folder.

Zeem does not have built-in browser to search videos online, so you need to copy and paste the URL into the search box, and then wait for the conversion. Zeem offer fast download speed for YouTube video to MP3 saving on Android processes. Please note that Zeem can only convert and download MP3 songs from YouTube videos. So it is a little pity that you are not able to convert other streaming video sources to MP3 audio on Zeem Android video to audio convert apk.

Step 1: Copy your YouTube video link, and then paste it to Zeem.

Step 2: Tap on the Get MP3 button, the conversion and download will begin.

Mp3 music download free music

As you can see, converting YouTube video to MP3 music on Android phone can be very convenient. But if you’re in the office, using phone while working may not be very appropriate. So a YouTube to MP3 convert for PC is necessary for you. AnyMusic is a good choice.

AnyMusic is the all-in-one YouTube to MP3 converter from Amoyshare. You are able to discover, download, transfer and play music as you like. Just from these simple descriptions about AnyMusic, it is obvious that AnyMusic is a full-featured power YouTube to MP3 converting application for Windows users. Moreover, your converted MP3 songs can be transferred to Apple devices by one lightning cable connection. The built-in music player can upgrade your music experience. So how to convert YouTube video to MP3 on PC?

Find YouTube video by artists, albums, titles and other related keywords in search box, or you can paste YouTube URL directly.

Click on the Download icon below, and then select audio formats and sizes. After downloading YouTube video to MP3 songs, you can find them in the Music Library.

Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable, and then the music you download can be transferred to your phone without opening the iTunes.

To sum up, AnyMusic is more than a YouTube to MP3 converter, you can use it to play music online, download video & music, and transfer music to iPhone. You can get an awesome experience with AnyMusic.

Free mp3 downloads free

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