Free song mp3 downloads. 10+ Best MP3 Download Sites to Get Your Favorite Songs in 2019

Music plays a very important part in one’s life, which is the reason why people always listen to their favorite songs. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like because it can be Jazz, House, Rock, Pop or any kind of music, the only thing that matters is that you like it and it soothes your mind. Considering that, we have made a list of the best MP3 sites from where you can download your favorite songs easily. Mp3 sites.

Earlier we shared the best music downloader apps for Android that helps you in downloading audio files of your favorite songs, soundtracks and music directly on your device. However, there may be times when you are unable to use the music apps to download your favorite song. At times like this, you can take the use of the best MP3 download sites on your computer and find the song you’ve been looking for.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best MP3 download sites that you can visit from your computer, or from your mobile phone, and search for your favorite songs and get them within minutes.

Best MP3 Download Sites of 2019

If you are looking for a website that features a simple design but is packed with features, then LoudTronix is the website for you. The homepage features a search box where you can enter either the song name, artist’s name or paste a YouTube link and it will find the songs for you within minutes.

The reason why we consider it among the top music download websites is that it not only allows you to download MP3 songs in various format and in different qualities, but you can even stream the music and listen to it online and if there is a video available for that particular track, then you will be able to download it as well in various resolutions.

SoundCloud is one of the biggest music streaming websites on the Internet and a lot of people use it to listen to their favorite songs and discover new songs. If you’ve been to the website before then you would know that it is a breeze to find any particular song or soundtrack and there are remix versions and covers available as well to listen to.

However, recently, the website has added a feature where you can even download the songs on your computer if you want. When you search for a particular song, it will bring multiple results which contains the renditions by various users and artists and some of those results will even have a download link accompanying them. So if you like listening to that song, you can use these download link to save it on your computer.

The reason why we are listing SongRepo as one of the best MP3 download sites is because it has a clean interface, provides you with a way to download your favorite songs easily and there are no annoying ads at all. The website runs entirely on the donations of folks like us who use it to download songs.

Where can i download mp3 music

The website is extremely well built with a search bar on the top which you can use to find any particular song. You can even explore the top playlists to discover new music or download the top songs of your favorite artists within minutes. With, you can even listen to radio and keep yourself updated with the latest news happening in the music industry around the world.


With a clean interface, the website lists down the top albums in various countries on the homepage along with the top songs for the day. They have a huge library of awesome music tracks and songs, so you won’t be disappointed with them at all.

With, you can easily find the songs you are looking for through the search box and there’s also a section where the top 100 songs in different countries are listed for you to see.

One of the most popular websites in the world for downloading music and streaming it online is and there are many reasons for that. The website not only has a clean and professional design, it also focuses on the user interaction because you can easily find the best songs from a particular genre within minutes.

You can either search for any particular song you want, or simply go through the list of the best songs, the trending songs or the latest songs across various genres like Pop, Rock, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Indie, Country, House and more and download the ones that you like the most. The best part about the website is that you can share your favorite songs with your friends, like those songs or add them to your playlist and listen to them whenever you want.

Unlike most of the MP3 download sites listed on this page, Free Music Archive only contains music that is free to download. So, if you are looking for the latest songs and albums to download from this website, then you wouldn’t find any. However, if you like to legally download music, then Free Music Archive is one of the best MP3 sites for you to use.

The website is not just another music downloading site, because you can create your own account on the website and then connect with other listeners and share each others’ favorites or create your own mixes on the site.

Free online mp3 songs

MP3Clan is one of the best music download websites on the Internet right now because you can find the newly released songs and albums easily there. The homepage of the website lists down the top 20 songs along with the top 20 albums so that you don’t have to search for them. You can also filter the songs by clicking on one of the genres from all the ones listed on the homepage.

If you are looking for any particular song that is not listed on the homepage, then you can type the name of the song or the name of the artist in the search box and hit enter and multiple song results will be there for you to download right away. Although, mp3Clan is one of the best sites to download MP3 songs, there is one problem and that is the advertisements. However, you can upgrade to one of their premium plans and get rid of the download limitations as well as the annoying ads.

MP3Juices makes it to the best MP3 sites list because it provides with one of the easiest ways to download songs online. There is a search box on the homepage where you can enter the name of the song you want to download or the name of the artist and the results will appear within seconds.

The website provides you with two options – Download and Play. You can either download the MP3 songs on your smartphone or computer to offline listening or you can stream the audio files online, it’s your choice.


is yet another simple MP3 download website that shows you the top songs currently trending on its homepage. You can either download the song that you want from this list, or simply download the entire list of the top songs in one go.

The website also has a search feature where you can enter the name of the song or the artist and it will bring relevant results for you. Just beside the name of the song, there is a download button using which you can save the songs on your computer. The best part about the website is that you can even play the music online so that you can be sure that this is the song you want to download.

Unlike other music download sites mentioned in this article, Musopen focuses more on the classical and instrumental music. The website is a non-profit that provides access to music, recordings, sheet music to the public for free to create musical awareness. Moreover, they are more focused on music education so if you are interested in learning new music, then head on over to Musopen right now.

Apart from the educational aspect, you can download a ton of free classical music within minutes from the website. There are a number of featured composers whose music you can use as a reference if you don’t know where to begin with.

Hindi mp3 free download

If you are a music lover and you listen to songs all the time, then you would already know about website as it is one of the best music sites on the Internet. Before you think that this is just like the other MP3 download sites listed above, you should know that is completely legit and you can listen to songs online. If you like a particular song, you can instantly buy it.

That being said, there are some songs that are available on the website that you can download for free. You can find all the free songs right here for easy downloads. However, the recently released songs and albums won’t be available for free download.

Which Are Your Favorite MP3 Download Sites?

So this was the complete list of the best MP3 sites on the Internet right now, according to me! I am sure that there are several other websites from where you can download songs for free, and if you are currently using another website to download your favorite songs, then do let us know in the comments section below.

Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and let them know about the best MP3 download sites that they can use to get their favorite songs and albums for free!

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