Mp3 to mp3 converter. 2019 6 Places to Get Free Music for iPhone

It is medically proved that enjoying good music automatically puts you in a better mood than you were before listening to the music, that’s why lots of people really enjoy music and tends to get much more favorite songs into their device, like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. How to download music to mp3 for free.

However, unlike android you can drag and drop songs to the device directly, it’s much hard for iOS users to download music to device, especially for the free music. Luckily, when you learn the tricks here, you will find it easy.

How to Get Free Music to iPhone without iTunes

In general, you can use iTunes to get music to iPhone from computer, but it will delete the existing files from iPhone while syncing. Besides, iTunes has lots of other disadvantages. That’s why iTunes is not recommended.

But you can use alternative to iTunes, like the ultimate one called iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer. TunesMate is attested and solid software that allows you to transfer media files to your iPhone from your external drives, iTunes, even computers and vice versa. It does more jobs than what iTunes does and avoid any iTunes limits, which gives you full control of your data.

1 Simple Steps to Get Free Music to iPhone from Computer

When you download some free music from websites, you just need to drag the songs into your iPhone then. Do as follow:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer where TunesMate should be installed.

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Step 2: Choose “Music” tab from the top bar and you will see all your iPhone music are displayed there.

Step 3: Use “Add> Add File” and select the music from your computer and let it transfer them to your iPhone.

You can also get music into your iTunes U, Podcasts, Audiobooks on iPhone by choosing the file type from the left sidebar. Or you can manage your iPhone playlists on the left sidebar.

2 Guide to Get Free Music to iPhone from iTunes Library

If the music is stored in your iTunes library, can you sync iTunes music to iPhone without iTunes? Sure you can.

While TunesMate detects your iPhone, choose the one-click function “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice". Make sure music is checked (if you want to get iTunes playlist to iPhone, check the Playlists category) and let it transfer. Then your iTunes music will be downloaded to your iPhone.

Where to download free mp3 music

Where to Download Free Music for iPhone? Top 3 Free Music Sites!

There are some free music websites that allow you to download songs legally and free of charge too! Here is a list of best 3 websites that you can get free music to your apple devices from and how you can go about it:

This is probably the most popular website where you can get free music to your iPhones and your iPods. With the amazing and vast collections of music on YouTube, the YouTubeMp3 website helps to make complicated conversion process a tad easier by helping you to convert your favorite YouTube videos/music from your top celebrities to mp3 formats or any other format you may prefer. The website is compatible with any browser; it is fast, free, absolutely legal and easy to navigate.

This is another fantastic free music download website for your apple devices. It supports the download of thousands of music files from the internet. You can find music on this site by searching with the musician’s name, the music or the album. The website is also coated with a huge database feature that ensures users have a very comprehensive music source. Amongst its distinguishing features, the site offers top charts for the world and different countries like the US and the UK.

A site specifically known for allowing users upload their songs, this free and legal website is one of the most popular destinations for your free music downloads. There are of course thousands of songs from your favourite artistes on this website and it is an ideal site for finding new and superb voices. The site is also easy to navigate and is compatible with any kind of browser. Songs can also be downloaded in whatever formats you wish.

3 Best Apps to Download and Listen to Music on iPhone

1 Spotify

2 Soundcloud

3 Google Play Music

You can explore free, legal and easy to navigate websites (like the ones mentioned). You sure can enjoy good music too, the fact that you use an iPhone regardless.

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