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Save your favorite YouTube videos and songs with this handy tool.

If you want to save videos or songs you found on YouTube, YTD Music Downloader Pro is there to help. This program allows you to save content from the world's most popular video streaming site and watch it offline. This is particularly convenient if you want to watch videos later at a time when you may not have access to the Internet or if you want to listen to music on a portable media player.

The program is very lightweight and works with any computer running Windows 98 SE or higher. Unlike many other tools in its category, it doesn't display annoying ads or require you to register. All that you have to do is to open the program and it'll be ready to fetch your content.

The user interface is simple, though some users may find it a bit dated. To get started, you just need to paste the URL of the video you want to grab and select the quality setting, if applicable. You can download several videos at the same time. By using this tool, you can download videos a lot faster than by using a YouTube downloader website.

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YTD Music Downloader Pro has a built-in converter that you can use once you've finished downloading the videos of your choice. It lets you convert your files to various video or audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, WMV, etc. Unfortunately, unlike other tools in its category, YTD Music Downloader Pro doesn't let you download the audio track from a YouTube video directly. You'll have to download the video first, then convert it to a MP3 file, which can take some time.

Overall, YTD Music Downloader Pro does its job as a YouTube downloader program quite well. It's reliable, doesn't have any major bugs and fetches videos without too many issues. The only thing that it's missing is the ability to save MP3 files directly, without having to convert them from a saved video first.

Completely free to use and no ads

Lets you save any video from YouTube

Ability to download several videos at the same time

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User interface feels old and dated

Unable to save MP3 files directly from a video, you have to use the converter to turn a YouTube video to a MP3 song

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