Mp3 software. Nine Social Music Sites that Let You Listen, Share and Enjoy Music Adweek

Social music sites are not really that big compared to other niche social networking sites. Well, it is understandable since the restriction on music access is quite limiting social media fanatics to share and make their music files available for sharing on the web. The best that we all can do is create a playlists of our music collection and then share them with friends and the whole of the web community. And this is the best that social music sites can do. So, we’ve gathere nine of the best social music sites that are available right now. Why nine? Because ten is a pretty common numbering for top list posts, so we thought why not make our list different by making it nine only. Music share.

So, here goes our ten social music sites that let you listen, share, and enjoy music:

This social music site aggregates blog posts from various mp3 and music blogs, and post links to the blogs where the music tracks were mentioned on its main page. Users can preview the music on the Hype Machine site or purchase the track using the link provided. The site also features its own Internet radio called, Hype Radio where the songs that it aggregates are streamed. The mp3 and music blogs were culled from Technorati and Delicious. You view the full list of blogs

A social music recommendation site, works like a social networking site that connects you to other people who share your musical interest. It allows you to recommend songs to other people as well as find songs that might interest from other people’s recommendations as well. The site lets you tag music, write about it, and most importantly listen to the music online. And when you do these three things, it will be recommended to other members.

Music converter

One of the web’s most popular Internet Radio, the site lets you create a personalized music listening experience through a customized Internet radio channel.Through its Music Gnome Project, Pandora is able to analyze songs and their musical details. By entering your musical preference or a particular song title, Pandora will suggest a throve of songs that match your preferences and musical taste.

Being the most popular music application on top social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, hi5 and Bebo, iLike boasts of more than 30 million registered users. This social music site helps you share music recommendations, playlists and personalized concert alerts. iLike benefits both fans by letting them discover and share playlists, new music, and concerts by their favorite artists and music artists to manage their social networking presence on top social sites.

This social music site lets you discover free legally available music. It’s your search engine for the music industry. But aside from finding music, also lets you create playlists, share it with friends, and browse the playlists of other users as well. By this, can also be called a social networking site for music lovers. By organizing the huge music resources available on the web, is in a way encouraging music artists to make their music available freely on the web, as well as to let them create music that everyone of us can enjoy and share.

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A list of social music sites will not be complete without including the most popular of them all – iMeem. Simply put, iMeem is a social networking site that lets you discover, interact and express yourself through music. And through music, iMeem also lets you connect with other music lovers and share musical tastes and interests with each other. iMeem lets you discover music (photos, videos, and blogs are also included), stay-up-to-date with your personal network of music fans, get in-depth stats for your music contents, tag, comment, rate and share music, and certainly much more.

This social music site is best described as the “cloud music store.” If you’re familiar with web-to-PC synchronization or cloud computing like Google Docs, is the version for music collection. The site matches the music information on your PC to its online catalog of licensed music. Whatever you have on your PC and on any playlist that you created can be added to your collection. Then you can share your Lala collection to anyone, anywhere on the web. What used to be a CD trading site in 2006 is now an MP3 and cloud music store. It’s’s way of joining the web 2.0 era.

This social music site lets you create a playlist for any artist of your choice. All you have to do is type the artist’s name and Finetune will scur through its collection of music titles and suggest songs you want to include on your playlist. It also lets you explore and discover songs from the Finetune community of music lovers and fans, listen to professionally managed playlists and more importantly Finetune allows you to embed your playlist in your blog or MySpace page.

Mp3 songs free download websites

MOG is your personalized gateway for discovering music that allows you to find, share, and talk about the music you’re into. The site was created by music lovers and powered by a great and innovative music discovery technology that makes it easy for you to find new music, watch music videos as well as read news and reviews about music that interest you.

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