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One of the most popular music formats for iPhone is MP3, as it accounts for reasonable audio quality and doesn't require too much free space on your device. Most important, MP3 is supported by practically any gadget. Besides, iPhone is also a good music player, here are the easiest ways to transfer mp3 files to iPhone, it will help you to enjoy iPhone better. Share mp3 files.

Transfer MP3 to iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is the only official tool to put files to iPhone. It is an audio and video player that lets you manage your iOS devices as well as download content from the iTunes store and use Apple Music. It's an all-in-one home for your music and video, although it's music where it really excels.

Method 1 — Transfer mp3 to iPhone manually.

The advantage of the method: You never lose your old songs from your iPhone, even if you don't have them in your iTunes Library.

Step 1 connect iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes, next click the iPhone icon.

Step 2 click Summary in the left sidebar and scroll to the Options section and select Manually manage music and videos.

Step 3 in the left sidebar, click Music on Device section.

Step 4 find the folder contains the mp3 files on your computer and drag and drop the mp3 files you want to transfer to iPhone.

Method 2 — Add mp3 to iPhone automatically

The advantage of the method: you don't have to manually drag and add songs to iPhone. You just need to add songs to iTunes Library. Your iTunes Library and iPhone are always in sync.

Step 1 launch iTunes on your computer and select File>Add File to Library on the menu bar to add mp3 files from your computer to iTunes library.

Step 2 connect your iPhone to computer click the iPhone icon, tap Music and click the box next to Sync Music.

It will pop up a warning window, click Remove and Sync.

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Step 3 now you can choose to sync the entire music library or just selected mp3 files. Then click Sync.

It will take some time to sync the mp3 files to your iPhone.

Transfer mp3 to iPhone without iTunes

There are quite a few disadvantages with Apple's mobile products, and one that drives me crazy is their reliance upon iTunes for all your file syncing needs. If you want a song on your iPhone, you pretty much have to use iTunes to get it on there. Now, don't get me wrong, iTunes is a good way to organize your music library, but sometimes you just don't want to be locked down like that. So what are the alternatives? You'll probably be surprised, but there's actually more than one way to put file on your iPhone without using iTunes!

Transfer mp3 to iPhone with Airdrop

AirDrop is an ad-hoc service Apple Inc.'s macOS and iOS operating systems, which enables the transfer of files among supported Macintosh computers and iOS devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, without using mail or a mass storage device.

Step 1 launch Control Center by swiping up from the bottom bezel of your iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and then AirDrop.

Step 2 right click the mp3 file on your Mac, tap Share>Airdrop.

Step 3 in the pop up window, your iPhone will be displayed there. Then click the user name of your iPhone. Next the mp3 file will start transferring to your iPhone.

Step 4 on your iPhone, it will pop up a window, please tap Accept and choose the appropriate player to listen to it.

With AirDrop, you can instantly share your photos, videos, documents, and more with other Apple devices nearby.

Transfer mp3 to iPhone with Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Dropbox creates a special folder on the user's computer, the contents of which are then synchronized to Dropbox's servers and to other computers and devices that the user has installed Dropbox on, keeping the same files up-to-date on all devices.

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Step 1 Log in your Dropbox account on your computer.

Step 2 Click Upload files to add your mp3 files to Dropbox.

Step 3 Open Dropbox on your iPhone and log in your account, then you will find the transfer mp3. You can listen to it right away by just clicking the title.

This method works for all cloud service besides Dropbox.

Transfer mp3 to iPhone with VLC

VLC is a powerful media player that plays most of today's media and video formats. The new version VLC includes the WiFi Upload feature, which lets you wirelessly upload files to your iOS device from a Web browser. Make sure your iOS device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer you'll be uploading from.

Step 1 download VLC Media Player from the App Store to your iPhone.

Step 2 tap the VLC logo in the top left corner. Click Sharing via WiFi in the left sidebar to turn it on.

Step 3 enter the IP address of the VLC server running on your iOS device in the Web browser of your computer.

Step 4 click on the "+" button or drag-and-drop your mp3 files into the browser.

Step 5 open VLC Media Player on iPhone, you will see the transferred mp3 displayed on the main window. You can listen to mp3 file just by clicking the file title.

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Transfer mp3 to iPhone with Email

Transferring mp3 to iPhone with email is also one of the easiest method. You just need to upload the mp3 as the attachment file and send to the other email address of yours. Then open the mp3 file on the other email and start listening to it after downloading it.

Bonus: Tips and Tricks about Transferring Audible Books to iPhone

Audible is the United States' largest audio book producer and retailer. And audiobooks purchased from Audible usually comes with DRM protection, which is annoying for some people and you can only listen to the purchased audiobooks via Audible for iOS on iPhone. Some users may also want to share their audiobook with their family member or friends. Luckily for you, the above methods of transferring mp3 to iPhone works perfect your iPhone as long as you can convert Audible books to mp3. Next we are going to introduce you the most powerful Audible Converter in the market to help you convert Audible to mp3.

Second, add your downloaded Audible books to Audible Converter by clicking Add button or simply dragging and dropping them to the main window.

Third, choose mp3 as the output format and click Convert to MP3. Voila, you can get the mp3 format audiobooks. Then try the above methods to transfer the mp3 file to your iPhone.

Epubor Audible Converter is the most efficiently and powerful Audible DRM Removal as well as Audible Converter in the market. Good news is that you can try the free trial version of their software, what's even cool is that you can get the money back within one month after you place the order if the software doesn't do the job. Why not give it a try?


In the above guides, I have recommend you a few free solutions to put mp3 files to iPhone with and without using iTunes, try them one by one to improve your iPhone data management skills and enjoy iPhone better.


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