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What is Hip Hop Music

Hip-hop music also referred to rap or rap music, it is a style of popular music which came into existence in the U.S during the mid-1970s. So what if you ask what’s the difference between rap and hip-hop music? Actually, you can understand that hip-hop is a kind of culture and rap is one element contained in hip-hop. The typical hip-hop artist is Jay-Z or Drake liked by teenagers.

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Hip-hop has emerged in Bronx, New York City by African Americans youths during the 1970s. Because of funds shortage and public’s bias, hip hop music is officially recorded and played through radio and television until 1979. Hip hop music has expanded beyond the United States and emerged from numerous regional and world scenes. It can be divided into many other subgenres, fusions with other genres, regional and world scenes. Click HERE to learn more about THE List of Hip Hop Genres.

Nowadays, with the development of hip-hop music, more and more talented rap singers come into this big event. Also, some excellent female rap star like Nick Minaj, Cardi B etc. They also produced many hot hip-hop songs in recent years. As we said above, hip-hop is culture, we need to protect it and develop it with more and more excellent artists and music works.

Top 10 Hip-hop Artist List

Who can be listed among the top hip-hop artists? This is a list of top Hip-hop artist 2018.

1. Drake - Canadian hip-hop singer, rapper who I known for his egotistical lyrics, technical ability, and integration of personal backstory. Download all Drake hip-hop mp3 music free here>>

3.Bruno Mars – American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and dancer. Bruno Mars all hip-hop music download free>>

9.DJ Khaled – American record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive and author. Download DJ Khaled free hip-hop songs mp3>>

5 Best Hip Hop Blogs & Websites

If you want to explore more hip-hop music by yourself, we have picked 5 hip-hop music sites for you to discover more hip-hop mp3 songs. More than that, you also can know more about information on hip-hop music.

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HotNewHipHop (HNHH) was founded in 2008. It aims to become one of the largest communities of hip hop music aficionados on the web. They deliver hot and new content daily, including hip hop mixtapes, singles, videos, and news. In addition, you can do legal downloading for free on HNHH. Besides, after registration, you can also submit your songs.

HipHopDX was launched on July 1, 1999. They bring latest hip hop news, album, interviews, reviews, editorials, tickets and more. HipHopDX was nominated for Best Hip Hop Online Site at 2012 BET Award.

Besides, you can stream singles on the website, but it doesn’t come with a popup window. So, you’re not allowed to play a playlist.

XXL is a music magazine, based in New York City. It was founded in 1997. XXL delivers the latest hip hop news, music, videos, features, lifestyle, shop and more. Since 2007, XXL releases its annual Top 10 Freshman list. It gives many unknown artists their first taste of fame.

DJBooth is the authority in hip-hop. It features with songs, albums, news, interviews, charts and more. You can also online stream tracks, but you are not allowed to free download them. DJBooth provides readers with high-quality contents because they claim that all of their content is original and creative. Besides, you can’t submit your own music.


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