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Listed below are Orin and DaBen single meditation MP3 downloads and streaming audio in CD quality 128 kbs.

Click on "Prodno" to organize singles numerically by Product Number; Click on "Title" to organize singles alphabetically; Click on "Author" to organize singles by author, Orin or DaBen; Or click on "Length" to organize the singles by length of meditation.

You can click on any artwork single picture and a larger, printable version will appear. Click on the small pictures for a larger version that you can print. Cover art is for your personal use only and may not be used commercially or posted over the Internet. Please review our copyright rules.

Transcripts of Singles are available: To access PDF transcripts for your single journeys, after you order the journeys, check your Member's area, under "My Downloads and Seminars", then click on each single journey, and it will take you to a page where you will find a link to the PDF transcript file for each of the singles you ordered now, or have ordered in the past. (Requires the free Adobe PDF reader ).

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Note: There are no free Thaddeus music tracks with order of Single guided meditations. Free music tracks do come with most Orin and DaBen albums, however.

Have you ordered this single before? Some people order a single then realize they ordered it previously. Before ordering, check your Member's Area under "Order History."

More About Orin and DaBen's Single Guided Meditations:

Orin and DaBen's single journeys are approximately 21-34 minutes in length, and all have Thaddeus' music as background. All journeys are in stereo and should give you many hours of quality listening.

DaBen's single journeys contain all the frequencies and energies that he transmits in the light body journeys in the light body courses, and will take you to wonderful experiences of higher consciousness. DaBen joins his energy with your as you listen.

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About our Audio Journeys:

Most of Orin and DaBen's single guided meditations are between 20-30 minutes in length, and all are made by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. You can listen to the guided meditations as often as you feel drawn to do so. Each time you listen you are expanding your consciousness. Besides listening and working with the audio journeys in meditation, it is important to put into practice what you learn. You will learn processes you can use over and over with or without the audio journeys. As you listen and practice your skill in using these processes will increase. All the meditations guide you to make changes in a harmonious, balanced, and peaceful way.

The stronger your commitment to changing, the more you intend to shift your life, the better the results. You may not see outer results right away, as changes happen first on the inner. As your consciousness transforms, it will seem so normal, and the changes will come about so naturally, that you may not even connect new situations in your life and how differently you respond to your outer circumstances with the inner work you are doing. Know that there is no wasted effort in the universe, and that everything you are doing to change your life is making a difference. With every guided meditation you listen to you are expanding your consciousness in some new way. As you focus on what is working well in your life rather than what you still need to change, you will accelerate your growth and be better able to appreciate that the inner work you are doing is working.

DaBen and Orin's meditations take you closer to the essence of your being, also called Source, Self, Spirit, Soul, Presence, Oneness, God/ess, All-That-Is. The transformation of your personality, ego, life, abundance, emotions, thoughts, and circumstances comes about first through opening to this inner Self. This Self within provides all the energy, guidance, motivation, and all you need to transform your life. Some of the ways you can know your consciousness is expanding and you are making contact with the essence of your being is through a feeling of greater peace, gratitude, joy, harmony, less conflict or drama, a sense of well-being, and feeling more compassionate, understanding, abundant, and in harmony with the universe around you.

All guided meditations are in stereo and should give you many hours of quality listening. Because the meditations take you to deep levels of relaxation, do not listen to them while driving an automobile or where you need to be fully awake and focused on what you are doing.

You can listen to samples of all of Thaddeus' music in the Thaddeus' Music Listening Room. For information on various albums by Thaddeus. Thaddeus is an angelic being of light channeled by Sanaya who brings musical harmonies of love and joy, peace and harmony, from his realm to you. His music is the background on all the Orin guided meditations and some of the light body meditations. The music is soft, relaxing, and uplifting. It has been created on synthesizers using strings, harp, piano, angelic voices, and many beautiful sounds.

Thaddeus' music can assist you in expanding your consciousness and connecting with the higher dimensions of light through the use of certain sequences and combination of tones, the rhythm, the musical sounds used, and the reflection of the consciousness of Thaddeus himself that is contained in the music. The music is paced to relax your body and slow your breathing, opening doorways into higher states of awareness. You can use this music to heal, transform your emotions, and evolve your mind as you listen and draw these high, fine vibrations into your being.

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You may listen to this music as much as you want for pure enjoyment and to receive the energies being transmitted. These are excellent for background music for meditation, meetings with friends, classes, bodywork, yoga, or anywhere you want to set a healing, uplifting, relaxing space. Play this music at a low volume while you sleep, or play it for loved ones to assist them in learning how to enter into peaceful, relaxed states. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.

Some people call and ask us what audio courses or single journeys we recommend for them. We have suggestions about products, view recommended products.

While we are happy to assist you in selecting products to order, because each person's path is unique, you are the best judge of what courses and journeys are best for you. We suggest that you get quiet, go within, and ask your deeper and wiser self to assist you in choosing your next steps. Note what topics and titles appeal to you.

Follow your heart, and trust that you will be directed to the meditations that are right for you at this point in your life. Please note that all the information we have about the courses and single journeys is included in our newsletter, and online by searching the store by topic or title. Enjoy!

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