Genetic codes and music


Nigel Helier (Nigel Helyer) from the University of Western Australia (Univesrity of Western Australia) and University Laboratory have created a project SymbioticA GeneMusiK, transforming genetic codes in music and vice versa.

Attempts to convert the decoded DNA sequence notes - made earlier. But the authors of the project argue that the first such work "has gone so far."

Creators GeneMusiK not just developed mathematical algorithms convert the genetic code into musical compositions, they have launched an opposite transformation - they have learned to turn the notes in the DNA chain.

Any melody can serve as a model for the synthesis of artificial DNA. After this synthesis biologists implement fragment "music" of the code in the genes of bacteria breed them in test tubes.

And then - after several stages of reproduction and mutation - again spend deciphering the genetic code and convert it into notes, is already different from the original.

Such records project authors call "musical forms that were mutated in a biological context."

But the story does not end with a piece of music. The authors suggest to sell such "melody" as the original jewelry.

This miniature culture tubes, carrying in their genes "musical" code. Apparently, the tubes are built into brooches or rings.

There is also a "decoration" attached CD recording produced by bacteria, "composition" and, of course, a certificate of authenticity.