In healthy skin - healthy hearing


The theory says that the brain uses holographic encoding system, so that is able to encode a multifaceted senses sensory signals. Therefore, any stimulus, like the sound, for example, can be transmitted through any other sense organ, so that the brain can recognize the incoming signal is a sound using a special type of audio signal code. 

It seems unwittingly, a significant contribution in support of this theory did Patrick Flanagan (Patrick Flanagan), when as a teenager invented a device that allows anyone (even completely deaf, even with surgical removal middle ear and, in fact, even with completely atrophied auditory nerve) to hear through the skin. Patrick called his device - "Neurophone" (Neurophone). Neurophone a fascinating history. 

How does it work? 

In the early seventies, at the University of Virginia, Dr. Martin Lenhardt (Dr. Martin Lenhardt) and his colleagues found that both normal hearing people and deaf people can fully perceive ultrasonic frequencies in the range of 28000 Hz to 100,000 Hz, if the sound is fed to the body through direct contact with the transmitter. 

Through experiments, it was found that there are two separate channels through which the brain can hear. One channel - for frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (normal voice). This channel carries sound to the cochlea (inner or middle ear) through the air or through bone conduction.

The second channel hearing was opened by Patrick Flanagan in 1958 and studied in 70 Dr. Lenhardt and his colleagues. The second channel conducts sound waves through the bones, body fluids or through the skin to the recently opened new hearing. 

Lenhardt argues that the perception of ultrasonic vibration tool is a small organ located in the brain, known as the labyrinth (the organ of balance) - the most important part of the vestibular system. This body is about the size of a snowflake.

Maze used by the body for the perception of gravity. It is filled with fluid and has thin hair that extended to the ground. When the head position changes, fluid motion stimulates hair, telling us where we have deviated from the vertical position. 

Skin - the largest and most complex organ. In addition to the fact that it is the body's first line of defense against infection, the skin is a giant liquid crystal brain.

Any organ of perception evolved from the skin. When a man begins to live as an embryo, its sensory organs develop from skin folds. Many primitive organisms and animals can see and hear through the skin. 

Skin has piezoelectric properties. If you make it vibrate or rub it generates electrical signals and plane waves.

When you use Neurophone skin vibrates at ultrasonic amplitude modulated carrier frequency of 40 kHz, and translates the sound of electrical signals through multiple channels reaching the brain. 

Emitters in the first models Neurophone had very original design. They represented the bulk copper mesh for cleaning pots and pans (mesh Brillo), enclosed in plastic bags. To grid voltage was applied at a frequency of 40 kHz, amplitude modulated with the scope to 3000 volts (with a very low current). While similar devices are used from the end of the last century, "for the treatment of inflammation and speed up the regeneration of damaged tissues and is safe, but constantly have to deal with high voltage is not very nice - the hair move and" goose "bumps" run "... 

Therefore, to make the process more comfortable and more efficient transmission of vibration, in 1974, Dr. Flanagan has developed a special piezo-ceramic dezakatory (ultrasonic emitters ceramic crystals with piezoelectric properties.)

The crystals have piezoelectric properties of compressed and expanded at a rate equal to the frequency of the electric current flowing through the surface. Vibration from the crystal is mechanically transmitted to the skin of the carrier frequency of 40 kHz Neurophone.

When radiators Neurophone pressed to the skin, or when they are connected together, they vibrate in two modes. One - this is a common sound, the second - is ultrasound, which can be heard only the skin or by bone conduction. When the "headphones" on Neurophone brought into contact with the skin, ultrasonic voice or music begins to perceive a maze instead of a snail. 

The choice in favor of ultrasound does not seem accidental. Recent studies have found that it turns out we live in a world of ultrasonic vibrations. Even when a person just goes through the grass, generated ultrasound. Each tree is a generator of ultrasound, which it uses to pump water through the capillaries from the roots to the top. Finally, from a person's palm registered ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency 28,000 Hz. 

The key to the understanding of the work lies in Neurophone stimulation of nerve endings of the skin discrete coded signals, which, according to the holographic model of the brain, have the phase relationships that are recognized by any nerve in the body, as sounds.

Why is it necessary? 

All sounds stimulate thin bones located in the middle ear. Sometimes, when the eardrum is damaged, the bones of the middle ear may be stimulated by a vibrator, located behind the ear, under the jaw.

Bone conduction sound even works through his teeth. When set to an American metal seals with a microscopic gap (simply put, the marriage), the tooth with a filling into a detector analog radio.

As a result, the man began to hear in your head voice (radio and talks by radio telephone) and ... asked the psychiatrist. Fortunately, the local psychiatrist, ask in detail about the content of "hallucinations" and find out when it all started, did not hurry with his diagnosis, and sent the unfortunate creature back to the dentist. The seal was replaced, and the American got insurance. 

But in order to work bone conduction, it is first necessary, is to function snail, which is connected with the auditory nerve. People with auditory nerve atrophied just can not hear through bone conduction. 

Hard to believe, but people with completely atrophied auditory nerve and people with completely removed as a result of the operation, the snail can be heard through Neurophone. However, for some reason, not all deaf begin to hear with this device the first time. Especially for adults, deaf from childhood, or hearing loss in early childhood.

Perhaps in their minds as if there is no concept of sound, so, at first, they can not distinguish sound from the general background of sensory (This phenomenon is once again the most dramatic way proves that our senses perceive the reality is not "as it is" and in line with our expectations and attitudes).

Children, on the contrary, very quickly understand what's what. And the children, blind and deaf from birth, are taught to use a special version of Neurophone (with 3-D sonar giving tones depending on the distance to the obstacle) so masterly that strangers with them people can not believe that they face the handicapped. 

Neurophone stereo has an excellent crystal clear sound reproduction, while wherever you put the radiators, it seems that the sound generated inside the head. 

If you buy at Radio Shack adapter for stereo headphones with two outs, it will allow you to turn the stereo headphones into one jack adapter, and connect to another Neurophone.

Adapter is attached to a tape recorder or CD player, you can listen to music at the same time through Neurophone and headphones.After some time off Neurophone and feel the difference. This is a very great difference.

Neurophone provides enhanced sound reproduction for all audio sources. This test shows a significant difference of perception of sound through two different channels.

Now available Neurophone has in addition a digital processor, which greatly improves the sound quality. 

Neurophone proved particularly useful for accelerated learning. If you listen to a variety of learning tools Neurophone, the information is quickly incorporated into long-term memory bank of the brain. 

Neurophone - this is a very powerful tool for change of consciousness. If a broadcast Neurophone appropriate frequencies can reach any desired state ofconsciousness. Neurophone fact is the main entrance into altered states of consciousness. It provides a direct communication with the centers of the brain, bypassing the various "filters" or the internal mechanisms that limit our ability to communicate with the brain. 

Neurophone, in fact, is the generator of plane waves, because the signals from the electrodes, going in opposite phase, mixed in a nonlinear dielectric structure, which is the skin. Signals from each capacitor electrode are shifted in phase by 180 degrees.

Each signal is a complex dielectric system of the body, where, in turn, is a phase shift. The result is a vector. This fact was not known to the inventor at the beginning of studies.This knowledge came later, when it was found that the human nervous system is particularly sensitive to the vector signal. 

At present, research-based Neurophone continue. It has recently been developed by other modality neyrofonicheskoy transmission. Principle neyrofonicheskogo sound reproduction was turned, and as a result it became possible to detect, record and transmit the usual communications plane waves generated by living systems.

These studies, plus the emergence of new polymer films with strong piezoelectric properties were the basis for the creation of special costumes virtual reality to simulate, to record on magnetic tape, and transmit a "by-wire" different touch. Appeared even articles like "phone sex", "massage therapist takes Internet ", etc.. 

When placing electrodes on the back of the head (on top of the visual areas of the brain) in the head beginning to have a variety of visual effects. The existence of this phenomenon suggests that over time, the brain can be used directly as a computer monitor or TV screen. 

If you can discover the secret of the direct audio communication with the brain, you can also discover the secret live video communication with the brain. The skin has receptors that respond to vibration, light, temperature, pressure and friction. All you need to do - is to stimulate the skin properly coded time signals. 

Such studies are conducted all over the world. For example, detection techniques, used by Dr. Patrick Flanagan is very similar to the process, to adopt Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama (Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama), from Japan, which uses a capacitor electrodes to study the energy centers of the body, known as chakras. Note that in Russia, the subject developed in several laboratories. And the development of our scientists would be quite competitive, if there in the market. 

Not far behind and native Yekaterinburg. In the laboratory, medical cybernetics Ural State Medical Academy of Medical Sciences Professor Dr. Valery Bankovym created a unique and effective diagnostic and treatment center. According to Valery Ivanovich,theoretical developments and practical experience in this area has a huge and he is quite similar to the shoulder creating a hearing aid, and the patent-protected and competitive. 

The fact that the invention of Patrick Flanagan hardware scheme may not ideal. The described effect is observed at other frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The reality is that the entire range of electromagnetic radiation have so-called "window" - the resonant frequency of certain physiological contours of the human body. At frequencies of "windows" or their harmonics and observed similar effects. At the same time, the higher the carrier frequency, the more information it can "download". 

For example, few people heard a funny story which occurred in the U.S. during the top-secret stealth aircraft tests ("Stealth"). The bottom line is that when a small-town housewife, not far from a secret air base in enamel coxae washed linen (basin, by the way, in the form and on some qualities similar to the dish), we start to hear in my head talks with pilots airbase . As a matter of fact that the carrier frequency radios for security reasons, was selected non-standard, but turned out to be one of the resonance frequencies of the body. 

At the risk of sowing the reader dark suspicions, but I note that all of psychotronic weapons is based on using the effect of "windows." 

Those who are richer can hear the new favorite music, to teach English or pobaldet entranced, ordered a Neurophone at an Internet address specified in the epigraph. And what about those who are not up to the music - and the income is not the diagnosis and relentlessly insist on complete deafness and for all? 

In fact, the current model Neurophone can be done at home (as it did once Patrick).

Emitters of one of the first models Neurophone were very similar to the machine for ultratonotherapy proposed in the 60's inventor D.Sinitskim. The same discharge electrodes with voltage - 3000 volts and frequency differs only twice - 22 kHz to 40 kHz.Now a similar device called "Ultratone-AMP", developed by the NGO "Altaymedpribor" with one of the conversion enterprises of Novosibirsk, a freely available. So craftsmen can make a good Neurophone little digging in the scheme, - replacing some ratings and add an amplitude modulation of the voltage, which is connected to an audio amplifier, or to a tape recorder.