Loud music and the driver's reaction


Listening to music at high volume while driving can impair reaction and lead to an accident. This conclusion Canadian scientists.

Of their study showed that to loud music on the performance of physical and mental exercise takes about 20% more time.

British Royal Automobile Club (RAC) has warned that if the reaction time of drivers is so reduced, they can get in a deadly accident.

According to executive director Edmund King, RAC, this study shows that "loud music is not only uncomfortable for others, but it can lead to accidents."

To loud music likely Directions red light doubles.

Canadian researchers in their study asked volunteers to perform various tasks to the music, change the volume of 53 dB (typical noise level in the office) to 95 decibels (the noise level on an oil rig). Scientists have noticed that as the volume of people react strongly with doing both physical and mental tasks.

At a level of 95 decibels of music slowed down the reaction by 20% in cases where the participants in the experiment had to make decisions.

In addition, experts say, the probability of an accident increases if the driver is not listening well, as aggressive, rhythmic music, reports BBC.

Conrad King - a psychologist who advises RAC, said that drivers need to carefully approach the choice of music is also because the speed of tracks also affects the likelihood of an accident. 

"As a rule, if the speed of musical composition than 60 beats per minute, then the listeners quickens the heartbeat and increased blood pressure, - says King. - It does not matter what kind of music you listen to: opera, classical music or the most modernrave.'s All about beats a minute. "