Music brain constructs


Brain scans allow scientists to identify how the years of musical practice changes the brain of professional musicians.

It was shown that the brains of musicians in certain areas is much 
more nerve cells. Professor Gottfred Shlaug examined professional 
musicians and 15 people without any relation to music, using the method 
NMR. Both groups were presented to men. Four areas of the brain in musicians kept 
more gray matter than the brains of non-musicians. All four zones are usually 
associated with musical talent.

However, the professor believes that more research is needed to 
finally figure out how there is a reorganization of brain tissue under 
with professional activities. An alternative explanation for the fact 
may be that these people were born with a brain that will "make" them talented musicians.

However, animal experiments have shown that the brain can actually be reconstructed in accordance with the recurring activities.

The same result reached by researchers who have studied the brains of people. So 
It was shown that, for example, the brain of taxi drivers is much bigger hippocampus 
in comparison with other people. This is the part of the brain associated with navigation 

Moreover, it was shown that the taxi drivers, who are more 
hours of driving experience, some areas of the hippocampus than those drivers 
who have less driving experience.

Results of the study of the brain of musicians were presented at American Academy 
of Neurology Annual meeting.