Music helps to overcome physical pain


Psychologists at the University of Glasgow, Scotland (Glasgow Caledonian University) conducted experiments on humans, and concluded that music can act as a painkiller.

In laboratory studies, the researchers asked volunteers to keep a hand in very cold water for as long as possible.

One group of volunteers in the experiment suggested performance review comedian on TV, a friend asked to consider in the mind, and the third was given the opportunity to listen to your favorite tunes to choose from: punk, rock, folk, classical and so on.

It was found that students of music lasted longest. The researchers believe that music is the most severely emotionally captures and diverts man, reducing anxiety and increasing tolerance for discomfort.

"The most surprising choice was the song" Firestarter "group Prodigy. Admit that it is not the music that allows you to relax, - said the experiment was conducted Dr. Laura Mitchell (Laura Mitchell). - However, a person who has chosen this song, endured the pain to five times longer than other listeners. "