Music Therapy


Vladimir Elkin "MAN AND MELODY" (the phenomenon of music therapy melodic masterpieces)

I have a rare profession in our country - muzykoterapevt. I made sure that the creators of the great melodies - are powerful healers, who can help the person as well as any of the famous psychic.

With great gusto the last 10 years I have been doing music therapy, spending thousands of sessions for adults and children. Music, according to L. van Beethoven, cutting out the fire of the human soul, and helped me out of the tragic condition, stress, attitudes to suicide, despair. I was able to achieve a breakthrough for a number of diseases, "shoot" speech disorders and behavioral problems, to eliminate the symptoms of neurological problems.

I practice, not only as a doctor but as a musician, able to perform at the coveted piano music until Paganini violin concertos. I saw the music has a spiritual and physical healing effect.

Gradually, I grew confident that there is a relationship between preference of a certain color, and perception of music. Moreover, it is not associated with the presence of a musical ear. If a person prefers a certain color, a certain chord him to please others.Tunes in the key of this chord is especially gratifying for the man, and a powerful effect on him.

PHENOMENA melodic masterpieces of music therapy

1) the phenomenon of catharsis

On a psychological level, music excites people, causes distress.

We call this state of catharsis.

This kind of music is seen with acute, special force, causes pleasure, release, sometimes happy tears, the emergence of the brightest sensations, images, resembling symptoms of REM sleep or creative inspiration.

Catharsis contribute to the expansion of the creative subconscious, helping people harmonize, to remove the painful symptoms. Tsvetovybor after the catharsis becomes harmonious.

Face of catharsis - a happy face, light-filled creative, have a good view of fire. This person is a happy person, a man who found his work in self-realization. An introduction to the masterpieces of his melodies often accompanied by psychological level (for a session with my eyes closed) the appearance of visual images. This effect Čiurlionis co-creation, subconscious conversation with the highest spiritual values ​​at the same level and in their language.

We are seeing a manifestation of catharsis - Improvisation in the session, the listener sees with his eyes closed sometimes startling brightness of visual images, tragically sorrowful eyes glow mask is replaced, the person experiences a creative jolt. If the session is carried out properly, is removed anxiety.

Choosing a loved one works of art, including in creative play, self-identification with the creators of masterpieces - is unrealized talent. That is what he would have drawn, written, played, if he could. Such a personal introduction to the masterpiece can remove the shackles of negative emotions, release the creative subconscious, merged with the art world.

We partake of the subconscious to higher global values, emotions, the patient realized in masterpieces of the great musicians who have experienced similar feelings.

Music excites his level neurotic person, causes shock, we see the state of catharsis.

This kind of music is seen with acute, special force, causes pleasure, release, sometimes happy tears, the emergence of the brightest sensations, images, resembling symptoms of REM sleep or creative inspiration.

2) The phenomenon of the caisson

In case of violation of the principle of individuality, nonconformity psychological content of the music and the listener causes painful sensations, the phenomenon of the caisson.

In the perception of music is alien to the psychological level are the following manifestations of the caisson-reaching steps:

- Indifference, lack of interest;

- Boredom, estimates "primitive", "naive"

- Ironically mocking perception (laughter caisson);

- Denial, negativism;

- Emotional and autonomic responses (cough, restless movements, etc.).

Caisson - a term taken to represent the rejection alien to the psychological level of the patient and its manifestations.

Caisson disease - a condition that occurs in the diver if it quickly rises from the depths: nitrogen can be released into the blood, and to destroy people. As harmful transition to strange psychological level. The concept of universal significance, the caisson in psychological relationships.

If the music does not match the color of deny, deny and it can cause negative images - a wonderful melody is perceived as boring and painful at the same time there are amazing negative images. Here are some examples, the music of Mozart - and suddenly the images: winter, two men sawing wood and were very tired, Lenin and Krupskaya sitting at a white grand piano, a nuclear explosion, the embryo to the bank.

Woman denies the test Lusher blue and performance tune, appropriate tone reacts laws caisson - she laughs ironically saw a pig on skates in response to the tune of Grieg.

The young man, denying blue on this tune saw people with blue plastic people sitting in the snow.

The phenomenon of the caisson can remove old problems, work through painful issues.

Purpose muzykoterapevta - avoid the caisson and to catharsis.

My first patient and testament of Beethoven

My first patient was my first teacher.

Brought to me a girl 16 years - recently her condition was close to suicide. Her eyes looked inside, she was in a daze, tsedila words with difficulty. The girl put the Lusher test, and of course, the first was set to black color.

Among the hundreds of prints she chose Pieta by Michelangelo, where the tragic Madonna looked at the dead son, and Painful Indifference her beautiful face was like Chekhov's words about the beauty of human misery.

Numbness, gray clothes, something in the form of monastic girls aroused sympathy and desire to help revive the rock music.

I was playing and asked what she liked.

The girl picked eighth Beethoven sonata, where the sufferer becomes obsolete trouble in humility and the second part of the complaint.

Beethoven created this music, after he suffered a major misfortune of his life: deafness.Desperate Ludwig wrote to his brother in an announcement in Geyligenshtadte that nearly killed him, but found salvation in his art.

The text of the will allows us to understand the mood of the music chosen our patient:

"My brothers read and executed after my death.

Oh, the people who think or calls me hostile, stubborn, misanthrope, as you are unfair to me!

For six years, I suffer an incurable disease, I lacked the heart to tell people, speak louder, shout, for I am deaf. My misfortune is doubly painful to me because I have to hide it.

For me, there is no rest in the human society, there is an intimate conversation, no mutual outpourings. When I go out, I was throwing in the heat of the fear that my condition is found.

What, however, the humiliation I felt when someone is next to me heard a flute from a distance, and I did not hear anything, or he heard the shepherd singing and again I heard nothing! Such incidents brought me to despair, a little more, and I would do away with him. I kept only one thing - an art.

I owe my art that did not commit suicide.

O people, if you ever read this, you'll remember that you have been unfair to me, miserable and let him be comforted by seeing a fellow-sufferer, who, despite the opposition of nature, did all that was in his power to to join the ranks of worthy artists and men.

Farewell, and do not forget me altogether. Be as happy.

Ludwig van Beethoven. Geyligenshtadt, 1801. "

It is this song listened eagerly my patient. Music bore consolation to suffering. Beethoven, creating the music, helped himself and others. The girl also always wanted to hear an organ prelude by Bach. This is a sad gloomy music, boring sound space in Tarkovsky's film Mirror. Sound clots immersed in primordial life, but sternly true melody is comforting.

I played and lighter music, but she persistently returned to the deep dark melodies suffering. We swung the pendulum of musical perception. As the months passed, she again had to listen to music. And gradually changed. The black color of the sample Lusher sailed to a lower place where he should be. Choosing gloomy picture has changed the image of a lovely berries in still life.

And she has ceased to be petrified statue of anxiety, and was living a cheerful girl who has had their own concerns, and it was not needed muzykoterapevt and music therapy. She was gone, like a swallow in Andersen's fairy tale, - frozen, warmed her, and then she had left because she had a case.

This choice of black, tragic pictures and music became the basis of understanding the psychological level. Then, the selected music of this patient, and helped many people, clouded emotions.

Man and melody

Stories about the great melodies (Rachmaninoff)

I want to tell the story of one of those tunes that are selected hundreds of our listeners, and has helped many to get out of a painful condition.

To me in the hall comes a woman - it features noble kindness, grace. It extends to the music, the colors Lusher puts harmonious, but the selected pictures are disturbing. Why - it is particularly acute takes tragic music and reaches for her. A few days later she had a tragedy - perhaps the shadow of approaching disaster and forced her to choose alarm music.

In these difficult days of music became her salvation - she listened to great concerts and the closest it was the music of Rachmaninov 2 concerts.

She created amazing drawings of images seen when exposed to music - icicles turned into flowers, rocks covered the moon, clouds and color prism embodied Grieg's music.

Ominous sky embodied the music of Rachmaninov. It has created an exquisite prose, reminds Andrew White, thrilling as the best poetry of the Silver Age.

Then came the day when music saved her - life seemed broken, the inescapable tragedy - she lived near canal embankment and came to the dark water, but perhaps Rachmaninoff melody inspired hope and not let happen trouble. In the future, music continued to help her and gave strength to cope with a severe problem.

Pages of History

It is time to recall the history of the brilliant two Rachmaninov concert.

This tune has no analogy - we're talking about the slow movement of the second concert of Rachmaninov. The incredible power of the first part of the concert, followed by the subject, which, like steam over the evening river fills the soundscape

Chekhov pages, pictures Levitan close mood of this tune.

One can remember the amazing picture Levitan "Eternal Rest". Is looking at the height, flying as Margarita Bulgakov above the water surface and the island in the river, in outline like a scary cloud rushing over him.

Music written after the second concert of Rachmaninov rescue from the clutches of depression caused by the death of Tchaikovsky - his friend and mentor, who admired "Aleko," wanted to fulfill a fantasy "cliff." The sudden death of Tchaikovsky, the failure of performance of "First Symphony" were a terrible blow to Rachmaninoff.

"Something inside me snapped. All my faith in myself collapsed. Agonizing hours of doubt led me to the conclusion that I should give up writing. Apathy I was paralyzed," - the composer wrote.

He rarely got up from the couch and every human society preferred communication faithful dog Levko. This situation lasted for a total of two years.

His friends asked even to Leo Tolstoy to help young Rachmaninoff words of encouragement. Considerable difficulties worth persuade Rachmaninoff, for which the name of Tolstoy has long been sacred to visit the "great hermit." Composer, of course, had no idea about the contract, the purpose of which was to make him happy again. But the visit was unsuccessful.

Teachings of Tolstoy, his appeal to the artistic and human consciousness is not affected Rachmaninoff invincible indifference to everything.

While much discussion evoked treatment Dal. He achieved outstanding results by suggestion and autosuggestion. Friends persuaded Rachmaninoff consult about his condition in Dahl.

Came the year 1900. From January to April Rachmaninoff paid daily visits to the doctor.Here is what he says:

"My family told Dr. Dahl, by any means that he must deliver out of apathy, and to ensure that I started writing again. Dahl asked what they wanted me to be composed, and got the reply: Piano Concerto. One I promised London public and desperate postponed. As a result, lying half asleep in the chair Dal, I every day hear repeats hypnotic formula: "You start writing gig. You will work with complete ease. The concert was wonderful. "Always the same thing without a pause. And while it may seem incredible, the treatment really helped me. Already at the beginning of the summer, I started writing again. I found faith in themselves and could now afford to think about his dream : to devote two years of composition.

I felt that the treatment Dal remarkably strengthened my nervous system. Out of a sense of gratitude I dedicated him his second concert. Since the work enjoyed great success in Moscow, all thought and wondered what could apply to him Dr. Dahl. The truth, however, was known only to Dahl, satin and me. "

We offered to hear the slow movement of the concerto by Rachmaninov group of psychologists and asked them to draw the resulting images. Most of the drawings includes an image near the water, the river, the water pan, the lake, the moon over the water.

Hear this melody children, then we asked them to put the colors associated, in their perception, with this music. Wise children took trehtsvete - gray, brown and purple, their emotions - detachment, light sorrow memories and fantastic dreams in a unique combination of both - this striking woven music, a treasure of Russian culture.

Creating music that brought him peace of liberation, Rachmaninov and helped himself to many people.