Strengthening cathartic experience through music


One look at the man who wears his memory hard experience, actualized in the present, in order to determine whether the experience. Normally, the person is trying to hide the implementation of emotion rips may interpret it as a negative.

However, the stresses developed in humans to suppress their emotions, help destroy the "primary substance", which increases the characteristic most people alienated from themselves and others (Lowen, 1975). According to Loewen, "primary substance" is out of life, the source of which is the freedom of movement and lack of tension in the body.

In today's world of "distress" and stimulants, gained control of bodily stress automatism does not allow enough freedom of movement for early abreaction bodily stress. In many cases, the most effective therapy practice are methods that include elements of catharsis (from the Greek. Catharsis - cleansing).

According to Freud, the cathartic method - a preliminary stage of psychoanalysis. Freud linked the catharsis that the client re-living the traumatic childhood experiences, and can respond to the feelings that were suppressed. Originally catharsis was associated with the designation of the nature of the influence of ancient tragedy in person. Psychological meaning of the term "catharsis" is the emotional turmoil, the tested person exposed to it a work of art and can lead to the fact that it is exempt from the minor feelings and thoughts and experience a state of inner purification.

In itself emotionally significant memories can give you more energy and that the stress intensity, which is sometimes enough to "burn" energy negative memories. But in cases of especially deep "packaging" of negative emotions, release the energy of the experience can be problematic. In such cases, the use of facilitative effects of the elements is a necessary and giving a pronounced positive effect.

Contactless methods of facilitating catharsis, we highlight as particularly effective, specially selected music. In special cases, music can be created especially under the circumstances and inclinations of individual patients or groups.

An example of facilitating musical catharsis is the so-called "Funeral March." Played, as can be sad, it enhances the experience of loss, the "argument" even those participants funeral procession, which had not yet immersed in the feeling of sorrow fallen on them.That is, music can get things in that direction, which is necessary in the circumstances at the moment. In holotropic therapy, which uses S.Groff in their work, "is itself a powerful effect of hyperventilation is reinforced using motivating music" (Groff, 1985).

The chemical reaction will proceed in a different way, if at some point to add a catalyst.The universe will evolve differently if in an emergency is not enough handfuls of electrons (Kozlov, Mike, 2004). We can add that the unpleasant, the "heavy" emotion can be suppressed by the usual mechanisms, if time does not begin to sound and do not pick up the emotion appropriate music.

By and large, the music influences and enriches it is the emotional plan man. That is, in practice, it can be argued that music is an emotion, a stream of emotions. To enhance the cathartic experiences that lead to the purification of the human emotional plane negative conditions that occurred for some reason, you need to properly direct the flow of emotions present in the music. Need to consider what is meant by the fact that the situation is experiencing a particular emotion is already in development. Music should just pick up and increase the intensity of a particular emotion or emotional directional flow.

Comparison may be the presence of sexual stimulation, which can remain in the body long enough will power restrained, failing immediate resolution. But to realize and release from stress caused by the desire for sexual pleasure, enough to catch the trend, expressed as physical manifestations and bring power to the limit, followed by catharsis and muscle relaxation.

If the music is also necessary to capture trends in emotional situations. Emotion, as the wave can roll, and abate a while, but then starts to increase, and at this point you can pick up and disperse to a steep and long burst. Feature of living systems is that they develop in jumps, when a relatively even, more or less predictable movement reaches a bifurcation point - the choice further trajectory. And then, in what way will be developed, depends on itself, and from the surrounding flow of energy and information (Kozlov, Mike, 2004).

Music - is a kind of linear sweep information. Music can have a plot and constructed according to the laws of a literary work: string, development, climax and denouement.These products are the best way to achieve our goals. But, most often used in psychotherapy to collections of music, arranged in the same sequence, which provides a gradual increase in emotional stress for patients, amounting to extreme stress, followed by an emotional cathartic splash.

Splash, in our opinion, is possible in the case of passing the procedural sequence of states, creating the conditions for the suppression of emotions and stop acting out in a situation right therapy session.

• An important prerequisite is the availability of a catharsis for the updated experience.

• Music in tone and tempo and rhythmic structure affects a person "for a living", increasing the intensity of the stresses in the system of oppression, which is reflected in increased muscle tone (sdvinuvshiesya eyebrows, clenched fists, the participation of breath, crossing arms and legs, head down, etc. .).

• Increasing emotional music assists in the achievement of the limit possibilities of containment external reactions in a particular person (the appearance of tremor in the hotel part or in the whole body, convulsions, involuntary body and fine motor skills, etc.).

• Hold with music experiences of high intensity, able to "discover" the protection and give rise to a release of emotions (sobs, mumbling, voice symptoms, etc.).

• Possible undulating melodic musical modulations, as swinging emotions break through the patient and range of protection, providing rapid emotional outburst, followed by external reactions (crying, convulsions, hysteria, chaotic movements, etc.).

Depth cathartic experience can be measured not only motor activity of the body, but also the duration of the experience of "purification" of the heavy and suppressed negative emotions. This experience can be very emotional in the inner world of man, but the external reactions are more like a trance. The result of this catharsis is the intellectual insight (samadhi), since removed less muscle power (which may be marginally represented in the body), how many ideological constraints and moral inhibitions and to freedom of thought, patterns of thinking and approach to life, imposed by society and the race . Motivating force in the process of purification and liberation of thought can serve as a "thoughtful music", as she is called R. Walsh, "Music, with its remarkable ability to evoke emotions and stir the soul, has long been a source of inspiration in the religions of the world. The Bible tells us that two thousand years ago, when the Hebrew prophet Elisha was looking for inspiration, he shouted: "Now bring me a minstrel." And when the minstrel played the harp, that the hand of the Lord came upon him "(Walsh, 1999).

B. Reich believed the three main biological bodily excitations - fear, hatred, and sexual arousal, which were apparent breakthroughs vegetative energy when working with muscle armor (Reich, 1969). It is possible that this is the most familiar and recognizable human emotions. They are easily recognized by the fact that he gave vivid sensations in the body. Such emotions as fear soon will learn and can be determined by man of any age, social and religious backgrounds.

Of course, people with a more subtle psychic organization have a much greater range of emotional tones available recognition. Considering emotion as a reflection of the current state of psychological needs (Rubinstein), precisely to approach the issue of choice of musical material, which must also, to meet our goals, create emotional field displays current needs and long-term self-unfolding ... in psychic reality.