Three-dimensional sound

Your ears emit sounds! Right now, your ears emit different sounds high definition. This recent discovery has given birth to science, to listen to the ears. "It's amazing!" - That is how the fact that Dr. William Brounel School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. His colleague said: "This is as surprising as if your nose smells emanated." 

Sounds produced by the ears, help you understand speech and to determine the direction from which comes the sound addition, they improve the human imagination. Ear rays act as a holographic radar, they act as support beams that interact with incoming sound to form an interference pattern. 

"Let's use the ear radiation" - decided to Italian physiologist Hugo Zukorelli and used it to create a new kind of three-dimensional sound recordings - golofonii. When you listen to a recording golofonicheskuyu, you are immersed in a new world - the world of synesthesia, the world of mixed meaning, like the one that generates the poets. 

When you hear the sound of a lit match through golofonicheskoy record, you also feel the smell of sulfur. When you hear the crunch of cookies, crackers, or hissing bubbles lemonade, you also feel the taste. 

Golofonicheskie records could give rise to the creation of images with the fullness of sensations that are so important to the development of memory, improving education and health of mind.