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Name: Brotha Lynch Hung
Album: Silent Supper
Genre: Rap
Release Date: 2010
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR
Size: 65.6 mb
Duration: 00:44:43
Description: Strange Music’s Brotha Lynch Hung has been a busy man, touring, just recently dropping his most most praised album in years etc. This is a collection of songs he has made since being signed to strange. Some went under the radar. and most are in better quality than previous releases.

01 Intro (Feat. Tech N9Ne)
02 Silent Supper
03 If U Saw (Feat. A-Wax, Smig Dirtee & Tall Cann G)
04 What They Want Osama For (Feat. Papoose)
05 How Long
06 In My Dreams (Ft. Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob & Barbara)
07 Blood Drops
08 Dark Knights (Feat. Kutt Calhoun)
09 Stay Out The Way (Feat. Young Buck)
10 Nothing Matters (Feat. Sevin & I-Rocc)
11 Pill Poppin Music (Feat. Cognito)
12 All Eyes On Me
13 Strange Music Box (Feat. Tech N9Ne)
14 She Thinks I’m A Psycho

Overall rating page: 3.36/5 left 819 people.