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Name: Catch Lungs – Awake In A Dream
Genre: Underground Rap
Release Date: 2011
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 92.01Mb
Duration: 00:39:46

01. Awake In A Dream (Friendtro)
02. Hello Neighbors (Moving In) (feat. eLZhi and Guilty Simpson)
03. Go, Stay, Go
04. Get Up
05. Hooliganry (feat. One Be Lo)
06. Chitty Chitty Bang (Roald Dahl) (feat. Guilty Simpson)
07. Hold Me Down (I’m All That I Need) (feat. Soul-Aum)
08. This Is My Dance
09. I’m Here To Get Prophet
10. Sleep Walkers (feat. FL of foodchain)
11. Awake In A Dream (feat. Blu)
12. Terlood
13. Lock Hands

Overall rating page: 4.9/5 left 1892 people.