Download free music Co Defendants (Enza & Taxi) - Killa Season (Street Album)

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Artist: Co Defendants (Enza & Taxi)
Album: Killa Season (Street Album)
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Uderground Rap
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR
Size: 78,6 mb
Description: Enza and Taxi are part of the Wu-Fam (which at one time they led Shabazz The Disciple) and is continually extending the family and increase its influence in Europe. Very closely with Killarmy. Perhaps you’re familiar with Eza and Taxi on my publications are here, here and here

01 Intro (feat. Silkski)
02 New York To Paris (feat. Shyheim)
03 Poison (feat. Shyheim)
04 The Links (feat. Beretta 9 & Buddha Monk)
05 Shaolin Music (feat. Beretta 9)
06 Help Us Save The Hip-Hop (feat. Big Stat)
07 ODB Tribute (feat. Shyheim)
08 Detroit To Paris (feat. Kevlaar 7)
09 Do You See (feat. Beretta 9 & Shabazz The Disciple)
10 For My Hood (feat. Shyheim)
11 How Many Times (feat. Shogun Assassin)
12 Art Of War (feat. Aslan, Beretta 9 & Shogun Assassin)
13 Staten Island To Paris (feat. Cappadonna & Sealy)
14 Brooklyn To Paris (feat. Shabazz The Disciple)
15 10th Anniversary (feat. Shabazz The Disciple, Beretta 9 & Shogun Assassin)
16 Ohio To Paris (feat. Beretta 9)
17 Mission 1 (feat. Shyheim)
18 Dolce Vita (feat. Beretta 9, Nemo, Darkim Be Allah & Shogun Assassin)

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