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Name: Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Album: Classic Fantastic
Genre: Funk / Hip – Hop / Rock
Release Date: 2010
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Size: 88.9 MB
Duration: 42:16
Description: Still quite an interesting album from the New York trio – Fun Lovin ‘Criminals.Gruppa not new, founded in 1993 godu.Na creativity affected areas such as funk, hip-hop, rock, blues, country, disco, you can clearly hear and on this form albome.Vneshny participants, clips, songs, forcing them to associate with the Mafia)
Fun Lovin ‘Criminals – Classic Fantastic…

1. Mars
2. Classic Fantastic
3. The Originals
4. She Sings At The Sun
5. Keep On Yellin’ (featuring Roots Manuva)
6. Jimi Choo
7. El Malo
8. Conversations With Our Attorney (featuring Paul Kaye)
9. We, The Three
10. How Low ?
11. Mister Sun
12. Rewind
13. Get Your Coat

Overall rating page: 4.83/5 left 766 people.