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Artist: The J.Hexx Project
Album: Sev’rd Cutz Complete
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Horrorcore / Gothic / Hardcore Rap / Wicked Underground / Alternative Hip-Hop
Label: SNM / Lacore
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR
Size: 160 mb
Duration: 01:31:54

01. Christmas Day
02. Coffin Of Blood
03. Join Us (The Cult-Rock Anthem)
04. Negative Things
05. Life Aint Fair
06. Window Of Pain
07. Beyond Darkness (Death Of Joe Blakk Version)
08. Blood Stained Oceans
09. That’s Life
10. Beyond Darkness (Pre Ugh 8 Version)
11. Attack Of The Turtle King
12. Children Of The Night
13. Why Is Life Unfair
14. Creep (Feat Chop Devize)
15. Fuck Your Life (Unfinished) (Feat Pilot Rai)
16. Lizards In Human Skin (Feat Trips & Mr. Kiltcha)
17. Tsunami (Feat Grayson, Chapter & M3)
18. Saddle Up (Feat. Broke Mc, Leftist, C.O.N.C.E.P.T, Euphanism, Crazy E, Mason Lucas & Native Son)
19. The Scariest Movie Ever Made (Feat Crazy E)
20. Champagne
21. Pick Your Poison
22. Legend Of The Overfiend
23. Who The Hell Are You
24. Death Trance-Beat (Mastered)

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