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Name: Legit – Coloring Outside The Lines
Genre: Underground Rap, Jazz-Hop
Release Date: 2011
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR Kbps
Size: 120.3Mb
Duration: 00:52:12

01.Intro feat. Tink (Produced by Dee Lilly)
04.Seeing is Believing feat. Connoisseur
05.A Nigger in Northface feat. Arielle
06.Fly Me To The Moon (Produced by Dee Lilly)
07.Danny Ocean
08.The Diagnosis
09.No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (Produced by Dee Lilly)
10.Let It Out feat. Tink
11.Action Figures
12.Black Tie Affair (Produced by BlackSmith)
13.The Memoirs of Dante Sarth
14.Sky Is Close

Overall rating page: 4.63/5 left 2647 people.