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Name: Lil Boosie – Incarcerated
Genre: Rap | Hip – Hop
Release Date: September 28, 2010
Label: Asylum
Format: mp3
Quality: 192 kbps
Size: mp3
Duration: 00:53:14
Description: The title of Lil Boosie’s album Incarcerated may be one of the most unfortunately appropriate titles in recent history, as his follow up to 2009’s Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz is being delivered as Boosie sits locked up on first-degree murder and conspiracy charges. The record features production from B.J. throughout, and also finds Boosie teaming up with old cohort Webbie on several tracks of his nails-tough brand of Southern hip-hop. The album has already garnered co-signs from figures as prominent as Asylum Records and DJ Drama, both of whom hope that the title of this album does not become a permanent state for the Baton Rouge MC.

1 “Devils” (produced by Savage)
2 “You Don’t Know” (produced by B.J.)
3 “Betrayed” (featuring Webbie; produced by B.J.)
4 “Chill Out” (produced by B.J.)
5 “Bank Roll (Part 2)” (featuring Webbie and Big Head; produced by B.J.)
6 “How We Do It” (Featuring Webbie and Lil Trill; produced by B.J.)
7 “Cartoon” (featuring Shell and Mouse on Tha Track; produced by Mouse on Tha Track)
8 “Thugged Out” (featuring Foxx; produced by B.J.)
9 “Better Not Fight” (featuring Foxx, Webbie and Lil Trill; produced by David West)
10 “What I Learned From the Streets” (featuring Shell; produced by B.J.)
11 “Calling Me” (produced by B.J.)
12 “Do It Again” (featuring Lil’ Phat and K.T.; produced by B.J.)
13 “Long Journey” (featuring Webbie; produced by B.J.)
14 “The Rain” (featuring Lil Trill; produced by B.J.)

Overall rating page: 4.59/5 left 742 people.