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Artist: Shape Of Broad Minds
Album: Craft Of The Lost Art
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop / Electronic
Release Date: August 26, 2007
Format: mp3
Quality: 224 kbps
Size: 106 mb
Duration: 01:06:21
Description: Only at the moment, full-length album quartet Shape Of Broad Minds. But the Quartet team can be called only conditionally – formally, it is two people: a multi-Jawwaad Taylor and a man-Orchestra, one of the most interesting figures of the hip-hop Jneiro Jarel, who stands just three (!) Group members: Rocque One – a psychedelic West Coast vocalist , Dr. Who Dat? – DJ and producer, Panama Black – MC from Atlanta. Visiting people like MF DOOM, Count Bass D, John Robinson, Stacy Epps, Deborah Jordan. The album is great, from the discharge Mast keV for connoisseurs of alternative hip-hop. He received 4.5 stars on the version of the website Allmusic.


01. Gorilla Mash
02. Light Years Away
03. Let’s Go (feat. MF DOOM)
04. Changes
05. Nahuma (Interlude)
06. OPR8R
07. BuddaFly Away
08. Unnamed
09. It Lives On (feat. Count Bass D)
10. So Much (Chaos) (feat. Lil’ Sci aka John Robinson)
11. Buzz Around Town
12. They Don’t Know (feat. Stacy Epps)
13. Bopper Blocker
14. Electric Blue
15. Mermaid
16. It Ain’t Dead!!
17. Beast From Da East
18. Lullabanger (Thelonious Dedication)
19. Viberian Sun
20. There 4 Me
21. Stiff Robots and Drunken Horses
22. Solo (Underwater) (feat. Deborah Jordan)
23. 1 2 C

Overall rating page: 3.44/5 left 628 people.